1. Thanks! He definitely has a say in everything and is 100% aware of his adoption. I just don’t understand why some people think I should cut off grandma

  2. No hesitation, yes! It will absolutely earn it's worth in your first playthrough of TOTK.

  3. Yep I used to live in a colonial circle. They really appreciate it especially those running the full that's the point for the last 5k. You can set up anywhere on Bidwell parkway or one of the circles on the route.

  4. I love almonds. The powdered cocoa ones and the wasabi are my go to

  5. We had a strolling illusionist/magician at our reception this past weekend and people were RAVING about him! I booked him through gigsalad.com highly recommend that or a fun chocolate fountain station, outdoor games, photo booth, shuffleboard, etc

  6. The groomer you brought him to is not familiar with papillons or done their research. The most you should ever trim on paps is their paws/ pads, and clean up their ears, chest, tail if they're getting too long. Love his name!

  7. We just hosted our destination wedding. Everything outside of wedding day of festivities were optional. Strictly give what you would for a normal local wedding i.e. $100/person. Attend what you want but don't feel obligated. It's your time off and vacation too.

  8. I've been on doxycycline for years for cystic acne. When I know I'm going to be on vacation I cut my dosage in half 2 weeks leading up. On a regular basis be diligent about your spf. I leave spray SPF and la Roche Posay facial SPF in my car for impromptu outings.

  9. The first run is boring, the second rug too cliche, third rug is best, but it will shed and jute is not cozy to step on. Get a fun textured rug. I'd go for a forest, chartreuse, or orange.

  10. YTA || God forbid you do something on a vacation for both of you that she values. And don't bother taking a few notes to show you care and learn some good angles (which would also save you time in the long run). Let's make sure she's not a good sport for anything minor you find value or joy in. Glad I don't go on vacation with you, you sound like a wet blanket.

  11. I agree, but I think it's because the slumlords gave it a bad rap. It's all about the context and the person I suppose

  12. Crazy. My wife and I bought a building in Lancaster last year that has 2 really nice apartments on the 2nd floor and have kept the rents at $800 because…I’m not a dick and I want people to have success in life. I don’t like greedy people.

  13. La Roche Posay. Their moisturizers are amazing and great with my sensitive skin. Not greasy, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend the mattefying one if you are oil prone during the day. I use it as an alternative to primer often.

  14. Do u guys remember her father he was a piece of work

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