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  1. I listen to this on repeat hahahaha! I like her MixMag set to. I hope she releases her edc Orlando set🤞🏽...also happy cake day!

  2. Christmas lights for lazy people

  3. Bam Bam - one year ago, we were on the phone asking about your siblings, and we had to get off the phone, because you were literally being born about an hour later than the rest of your siblings, as we called! If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is 💙 You were meant to be our boy and we couldn’t be happier! I can’t believe how much time has passed and how* quickly you grew, from a chubby puppy to a muscular mister man 😋 And even when you get on her nerves, I know your sister loves you too. 💜 Happiest of birthdays Bam Bam, you are so loved 🥰

  4. Awwww omg time flies!! happy birthday Bam Bam 🎉🥰🍖

  5. Ive randomly seen them at a fee gas stations

  6. Yayyy congrats!! The hash browns are amazing 🤤

  7. Im so sorry for your loss ♥️

  8. If im off for the day i probably smoke similar, like 1-2grams. I smoke from a bong, so its easy just to rip it for quick highs all day😂

  9. There’s a documentary on investigation discovery+ about both of them called “The Clown and the Candyman” - goood doc.

  10. Omg i was about to say there's a really good podcast on him! I did not realize its a documentary. Ill have to check it out!

  11. Maybe one day! 😂 they’re funny, if they get a treat that requires a lot of chewing like their dental bone- they each have a spot. I give them the bones, they run down the hallway, and then split. Pebbles goes under the table and Bam hops up onto their mat on the couch 😂

  12. Hahahahah thats so cute!! Idk why but whenever we give kilo the dental bone he acts all sketchy as if he shouldn't be having it, then he runs off to the carpet and hides his head halfway under the couch and eats it LMFAO Bostons are silly 😂😍

  13. That’s hilarious! He thinks he needs to be sneaky 😂

  14. Rezz!! ✊🏽 love the shirt and hair!

  15. Awww they look so cute tho! 😍🥰 hahahahaha Bam Bam is literally giving u the stink eye in the first pic😅🫣😂 thats how Kilo is with anything we put on him as well🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  16. I wish they were glow in the dark. How cool and helpful would that be! Cmon MTO, get on it.

  17. Omg that would be amazing hahahahahah! Love the idea😂

  18. Happy Birthday Mr K! Loving the theme and doggy dress up😍👏🏽 they all look amazing!

  19. If you put two of your wheels up on the sidewalk you can really reduce the amount that the bumps affect your car.

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