Both Egyptians contestants raising Palestinian flag against their Israeli contender.

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  • By - m1h3r

Islam in Canada, 2021 vs. 2011

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  1. I mean it's a revenge operation so yes the Israeli forces and the apartheid state

  2. What makes it a terror attack, when technically every Israeli is a solider? it's a payback for Israeli killings yesterday.

  3. the last two sentences are correct as they are

  4. yes yes you localized them right, but I think they belong to what's called الممنوع من الصرف which are mostly some foreign names and some words like مساجد they don't take tanween or kasra so you arr better off not writing tashkeel on them

  5. the sentence you wrote with Sami is right, all names have tashkeel depending how you pronounce it and it's position in the sentence

  6. Yes man I am sure I will be totally terrified from Swedish people

  7. I'm pretty sure he was making the joke that Swedes are non-confrontational, as in they do not bark.

  8. I was talking about the specific far right guy who keeps wanting to "make points" so I didn't really get it, thanks for the explanation a lot though really appreciate it

  9. Erdogan once again forgetting what it means to live in a free country.

  10. Yet, you will go to jail for misgendering someone or refusing to use pronouns, fuck off with your freedom

  11. I am too, but like can't be 100% certain.

  12. Now I know what the junior software developers must feel like when looking at software architecture diagrams.

  13. it's a fixed (something that restricts movement in all directions, google would be a better choice for a definition ) holding a member with an intermediate hinge at the end, and on the other side you have a roller which restricts movement in vertical direction.

  14. Depending on the stiffness of the beam you may see larger displacements (in x-direction at the roller), therefore you may want to check if those displacements are allowable

  15. Problem is i am still a student i don't understand a lot of this, but thanks for consulting really appreciate it 🙏🙏

  16. how about leaving politics out of sports

  17. where's politics? if this was the Ukrainian flag you wouldn't say a thing.

  18. Yes we should all just respect foreign cultures because we’re all different and are all good at our core. Yeah right. How about no. Some cultures are just simply inferior to western culture. That’s the truth.

  19. Yea dude of course i would love to get enrolled in the western culture of being a fatherless bastard and having no family ties while still catch up to all the school teens having their way with my sister

  20. ah yes i did steal that. me as an individual person

  21. Well No Russian is single-handedly declaring war on Ukraine, No American is single-handedly shooting all kids in school and no French is single-handedly denying women wearing what they want.

  22. When consequence culture works against the people who abuse it (preparing for downvotes)

  23. People here apparently don't live in real world, I can tell they are all teens who never worked or interacted with "authorities" in real life

  24. no lol, certainly won't do this work I just copied it from a Twitter thread after making sure it's real

  25. Saudi forces cant even defeat a bunch of Houthis. Plus the main component of thei economy is based on a resource that is becoming more obsolete every year. How are they going to make a global power play?

  26. The US couldn't beat a bunch of terrorists in Afghanistan despite spending trillions there, what's your argument here?

  27. Mashallah brothers I assume Muhammad is the most popular name in Canada already now

  28. This chart tells you why Qatar, a nation of beheadings, slaughter, 13th century cruelty and abuse, violence, hatred, homophobia, transphobia and racism was chosen for a game played by the entire, diverse world.

  29. is USA and Europe what you mean by the entire diverse world?

  30. I would say not that similar, but they are both the most well understood dialects for all the Arabic world so go with anyone

  31. that’s great, anything is appreciated! So, I’m non-Muslim and will be marrying a Muslim Egyptian.

  32. 1- I don't know if this can be a interpreted as a form of disapproval or not, maybe his MIL does not know how to speak proper English or she's intimidated by the situation

  33. 1- Then you can probably figure out best what she meant doing so, but anyways they say "a smart woman makes her man fall for her but a really smart woman makes her MIL do" roughly translated , so just be smart and as we say in egypt "have a bigger mind" than her and move on

  34. i am an egyptian and it's an insult

  35. Why do you want to stop taking mirtazapine?

  36. Also you should wait 10 days minimum for it to be almost completely out of your system

  37. what's the grand line?

  38. Whoever downvoted me you don’t understand islam. Free women and slaves had different definitions of nakedness.

  39. This is hugely wrong, who are you to say you don't understand Islam lol?

  40. They still wear it. Sometimes just so they won't be

  41. A guy in the US just got executed for calling the police while he had a mental health crisis, is this enough to assume that everyone in the US who has a mental health problem will be shot?

  42. Don't ever post on reddit for marriage advice, if you want to seek advice go to your parents, your trusted peers or a shiekh you trust

  43. maybe asking your dad about sex positions is not the best decision

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