1. I’m using a Dell s2721dgf. Connected to two laptops, the acer with hdmi and my MacBook 14 pro w/ DisplayPort.

  2. I guess so, according to my pre approval with the bank. It is a 15yr. I shopped around with about 4 different lenders. With points, it’s down to about 3.95 APR, Without points it’s 4.1 APR (not %). I used Bank Rate to find options

  3. From my experience with single channel 8gb with a 5800H I ran into your same issues… very low gpu usage and not getting the fps I thought I should. Thought it was some gpu or cpu problem as well. I upgraded to 2x 16gbs at 3200MHZ and all the gpu related issues are gone. Try this … you listed the ram. Just buy another stick of the same one off eBay

  4. I’ll chime in and suggest limiting the battery capacity to 80% in the Acer Care Center. My laptop is always plugged in when In use so this may help preserve longevity.

  5. I've had a few heating issues, with the last one the radiator filler neck was damaged (there was a slight dent) and that caused the cap not to seal properly which led to overheating issues.

  6. Interesting… I do recall now having noticed some water leak on the ground the day after my ride. I never figured out where it came from though as it was always the next morning

  7. Have you done anything with the exhaust or air filters? Iv had an overheating problem due to my bike running to lean. Your spark plugs will be white if its running lean

  8. Interesting.. I do have a Micron Exhaust, and hi flow Air filter with a power commander. I purchased the bike years ago. Did you retune ?

  9. Move to balance mode on Nitro. High perf mode will not allow the cpu to throttle down, hence high temp and battery drain. You can Check your minimum cpu MHz under the profile settings and set it lower if you don’t see a change. I did this on my ryzen 5800 and let it to throttle down when idle.

  10. I have high performance mode while in AC but while in battery , I choose power saving mode. So, I don't think it will help.

  11. Interesting. What about the cpu profile setting on the power saving mode?

  12. i had a similar issue with my shots. Fixed it gently ramping up to 9bar pressure after 3gram pre-infusion (10-15sec). What is your pressure profile..?

  13. I too started on a C2 with my pro2. I don’t recall the exact clicks but varies from 7-10 depending on beans. I loved the espresso coming out of it and if it were not for the long grind time I would have continued this workflow. I would say given your two options, start on a signature and upgrade along the way. If you aren’t getting the shots you like from the signature you can at least upgrade your grinder or get a scale vs having to buy a bottomless portafilter later down the road.

  14. Exciting ! I upgraded to a Lelit Fred stepless grinder

  15. I have to go courser as the beans age.

  16. What pressures are you reaching on the gauge and for how long are you brewing from the moment you start the lever? I don’t think your grinders are the problem.

  17. Maybe you can check the minimum process state on that power profile. Your high performance mode may be keeping your processor at its full power mode and not letting it throttle down.

  18. I have 2 portafilters with which this is happening, but one is a lot worse (seen in video). Once I put pressure (even at 6bar), the cylinder will rise up and will eventually pop off.

  19. You take the o ring out to inspect? Does it leak water through the side? When you separate the portafilter from chamber do you feel some resistance ? I don’t have this issue (Even if the grounds are too fine (holding at 9-10bar for over 1:30 as example)

  20. Most times , 18g. Sometimes 20g

  21. Solutions manager for a cloud company.

  22. I’m not fully familiar with the nuances of how a lever machine works, but if your timer is actually starting around when the water begins contact with the coffee you are well into over extracted territory on the time. Pulling 2:1 in over 40 sec is likely to land you in bitter land with many coffees.

  23. I have a similarly specced machine. 5800H, 3060 , 32GB ram, 2 pcie drives. This happens to me regularly while playing games and My guess is it’s normal. I keep my battery charged at 60% and after a long gaming session it may drop a bit to maybe 55%. When I updated my bios to the latest version that gave extra power to the gpu I noticed this even more.

  24. So the doughnut is unavoidable on the flair, right? I was worried but TBH the shots are yummy, so I dont care.

  25. Interestingly enough I’ve had varying experience depending on the beans. I once tried some low cost beans from the coffee store next to me and I consistently pulled shots that looked great - no donut extraction, no squirting, it was just beautiful and the shots had pretty thick crema. The taste was meh, not bad, not particularly good either. The next week I bought high end beans and they consistently had donut extraction. On the other hand they all tasted great so I didn't mind the donut extraction. The cheap beans were pretty dark roast while the high end beans were medium to light roast and I think that both were fresh.

  26. I wonder then if the oiliness of the beans may have helped reduce the donut extraction. I use cheaper beans to dial in my shots but I may have to record it to see if there is a difference.

  27. I am not sure how to answer that being this is my first or second week with the flair. If you enjoy your shots that may be your telltale sign! Similar story… , I used beans from my local roaster and have made comparable shots taste wise to lattes directly from them.

  28. i have 8 gb ram and all games act like that, it's running on integrated still low fps, what should i do??

  29. I would try more ram first , maybe find another 8GB stick in similar configuration and reinstall the game

  30. What gpu is being used when it’s stuttering ? Can you try to monitor using task manager while gaming? Maybe run HWINFO while playing something in windowed mode to check. If it’s anything like what happened to me, regardless of power setting or graphic mode it was going to stutter.

  31. I would recommend a pro 2 with the larger brewing chamber and portafilter. The pressure gauge really helps to elevate the experience to dial in the shots

  32. I use a upgraded Timemore C2to pull my shots with my flair. Just what I had lying around from when I was making drip brews. AFAIK the shots from my flair pro 2 were great with this set up.

  33. I have the same machine ! Definitely recommend buying the cleaning tablets from Amazon and run it through the machine earlier than expected (monthly)

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