1. This better give us a photo of Bill Snyder in a Kansas Shirt.

  2. Hell, I'd be happy with a Jayhawk sticker on his shirt.

  3. I've gone ahead as combined the next few days as the matchups are all set and there are so few games remaining. One last sheet with the national championship games to come on Sunday, and then...well...let's just enjoy the eight games we've got left.

  4. This is going to sound strange, but I wonder if they're trying to avoid the early afternoon sun in Allen Fieldhouse. It's quaint in February, but gets worse as spring comes along.

  5. I keep a browser open on my PC so I can put Civ in the background until he's done.

  6. Just knowing who Janeway and Chakotay are is enough for Prodigy.

  7. So he's eventually going to get a crap ton of money from a wealthy school with aspirations, and then underperform with the great talent he can get?

  8. Yeah, Texas wanted to make sure that the kids could read before they were on scholarship. The old Big 8 Schools a few which had basically open admission (KU, KSU, OSU, and NU especially) were not fans of that rule.

  9. Up until 10-15 years ago, the state government required KU to take any Kansas High School grad that applied. The admin had been trying to change that for years because it made all the academic ranking numbers look awful.

  10. That's interesting that a flagship university would be required to admit any in-state HS grad, in my state they're only required to admit the top 2 (valedictorian & salutatorian) from each in state HS, which seems like it would be a better policy

  11. To quote my father, from a long time ago: "My taxes pay for it, so you should be able to go there."

  12. That was the second time Hank Booth killed The Lazer, as it was also alternative in the early 80s until early '83. It was the only station in the area playing U2, REM, Elvis Costello, etc.

  13. Another vote for Jeremy Franklin. Sounds like they are going for the white trash customer.

  14. Sports talk radio runs on ads for jewelry and boner pills.

  15. What was the car dealership that had “swinging red bridge exit “ in their jingle?

  16. Boots Williams Ford. So many bad commercials with Uncle Billy......

  17. It's interesting how there seems to be very little overlap between the top tier women's teams and top tier men's teams in terms of history. UConn obviously is good in both, the Duke women tend to be pretty good but not on the level of the men, but there are many programs where one is good and the other is really bad.

  18. KU's women had one of the early legends of the women's game (HOFer Lynette Woodard) and were generally pretty good up through 2000. Then there was some drama around the departure of long time HC Marian Washington, and the program pretty much fell off a cliff. It's only been in the last 2-3 years that they've returned to being consistently decent.

  19. I was at the KU-UW game. If the Jayhawks had rebounded better, it would have been a real slaughter.

  20. To capture the tax incentives by filming in Canada a certain percentage of roles need to be filled by Canadians and those are usually some of the guest slots making it harder to bring people from the US for a single story when the main cast isn't all Canadian.

  21. I think every actor in greater Vancouver appeared on BSG and whichever Stargate was filming at the time for just that reason.

  22. The Kansas Turnpike is I70 from the West edge of the metro area to Lawrence and Topeka. If you plan on going that way often, you can get a KTag for free. It charges the tolls to your credit card.

  23. Well not every final four game is the highest fucking stakes Duke vs UNC matchup of all time

  24. And not every Final Four also involved two of the three biggest traveling fanbases in the sport.

  25. Yes. Kentucky, Kansas, and UNC are the most dedicated traveling fanbases in college hoops. Kentucky is actually #1 by a bit, IMO.

  26. 97,000 people live in Lawrence. Those two stoplights get very, very backed up.

  27. Not to mention that it's in commuting distance of the KC metro which has 2.4 million people. Game day crowds are enormous and pretty much fill the entire campus up lol

  28. We moved from Johnson County to Lawrence last year. I do not miss the game night/evening rush hour traffic on K-10 one bit.

  29. I'm thinking pretty hard about Kansas at Nevada. Doesn't hurt that my wife has some family in the area.

  30. Definitely come! Mackay Stadium isn’t a world class atmosphere or anything but we’re in a cool location with quite a bit to see and do both in the city and in nature

  31. The Get-In price will likely be $30-50 by Friday. If you're local, it's worth going once for the experience.

  32. Even if that once in a lifetime is really just being another in the line of 20+ point losses to UConn?

  33. But have any of those been played in a football stadium? It's a whole new level of disappointment.

  34. Bucknell beating Kansas in 2005. Bucknell had only a few scholarship players - they only started offering athletic scholarships in 2002- and Kansas was the preseason #1.

  35. It really is a great story for Bucknell, but that extremely beat-up and sick Kansas team wasn't getting past Wisconsin in the next round.

  36. The younger generation doesn't know much about it, but there's a reason

  37. Holy fuck. And here I am petty salty about Miles Simon and Hakim Warrick.

  38. Hey, I'm still salty about Miles Simon, just not in the same way. Dude shouldn't even have been eligible.

  39. I'd like a jag type show . Have it HQed on earth and they travel federation space solving crimes . Starfleet Security.

  40. Starfleet CIS. It would slot right into CBS' current police-procedural-heavy scheduling.

  41. Immediately was able to pick out UVA in this one. I do think Kansas is the best example here: nobody thinks Bill Self is a bad coach, and nobody can deny that the Kansas teams have been great, with many elite. And yet those postseason results are not great, comparatively.

  42. I've been watching Kansas basketball since the days of Larry Brown, and I can safely say that Bill Self often gets his teams to outperform their raw talent during the regular season. (This year is a perfect example of that. It was Self's best coaching job since 2012, IMO.) That leads to a lot of tournament seeds that are 1-2-3 spots better than a different coach would get out of the same talent, which can result in some disappointing ends from a "playing to seed" perspective.

  43. So many rule changes can be traced back to Wilt.

  44. Everyone talks about who is the best player ever, but it's tough to argue that anyone but Wilt was the most important player ever. He broke the game.

  45. I'm going to guess that rule exists because someone in the ancient days of hoops figured out that a hook shot from below the backboard could not be defended, so it was declared unfair.

  46. If a single elimination tournament seriously changes your opinion of 4 months of regular season play, you might want to take a statistics class.

  47. Texas dribbled themselves out of a Final Four. Never stop running your offense, gang.

  48. How much do you think the AT&T lady is getting paid? She's everywhere.

  49. She's not only acting in the commercials, she directs them, too. Pretty sweet gig.

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