AITA for pointing out that my stepdaghters children are bastards?

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  1. Girls get married at 12 dude. Harsh reality but it is what it is. Besides that did I mention she’s the heir to the iron throne???

  2. People outside of nobility didn't get married at 12.

  3. Aemond getting tag genes is very possible and not to be surprised of. This kid looking like Cole.. something different.

  4. Harwin and Cole are the same type of men physically. Seriously the kid is Harwins.

  5. After watching episode 6 I totally wish Cole doesn't breed like ever.

  6. I feel we should have had an episode about Jace birth before.

  7. I bet if Rhaenyra did run away with him, he’ll be bored of her after 2 weeks. Also, the nerve to ask her to marry him when he couldn’t even keep 1 vow and he wants to take another vow (marriage)

  8. Yeah get the felling he would have left her alone pregnant somewhere.

  9. She could have not had bastards. Seems an easy pitfall to dodge given the privileges Queendom facilitates.

  10. No, im a great mom and my kids are perfectly normal. Boys will be boys.

  11. Haha Alicent is right about all the bastards and no one else cares and it's making her lose it.

  12. Bastards or not, at least their parents didn’t raise them to be complete shitheads unlike Alicent’s kids.

  13. Do you think Alicent kids ever asked Rhaenyra to adopt them?

  14. No offense but have you seen how Alicent took care of Heleana the last two episodes ?

  15. Everybody does think that they’re bastards, but Viserys’ policy is “don’t say it or even think it”, which only allows tensions to grow

  16. Alicent also has some Margaery vibes

  17. You mean Rhaenyra and her gay husband ?

  18. If Viserys never remarried then he would’ve been fine. He never had to marry Alicent.

  19. Yeah marrying Rhaenyra was enought. This was so stupid of him.

  20. I think Laenor didn't even want to try tbh.

  21. can still be a Targaryens even with Black hair.

  22. I mean, I think they ARE plenty justified. Jacaerys Velaryon couldn't sit on the throne as long as Alicent's boys live.

  23. Hmm. I don’t think Daemon needs to cheat. The only time we’ve seen that is in the joust. We’re talking land combat here.

  24. Hey now, maybe a Targaryen ancestor married a brown hair person and it’s only now that the brown hair is kicking in /s

  25. Well they married Baratheons before...

  26. Well Rhaenyra choosing Harwin as a "sperm donor" instead of literally anyone with silver hair or darker skin is really dumb if he's a non-character. If there isn't some kind of affection or romantic bond, Rhaenyra would be throwing away her reputation and the safety of her kids for literally no reason

  27. I mean she's clearly attracted to Daemon, and if she had kids with someone who looked like Daemon there wouldn't be an issue

  28. Outside of Deamon (even then he fit the warrior archetype).

  29. You are an absolute 🤡 dude. Relax lmaoooo and please FTLOG take a literacy class because it is extremely difficult to extrapolate what you are even trying to say.

  30. I feel like it's the opposite of slow, I wish it was slower.

  31. Than it means the timeline has been changed and I stand corrected. No need to bite my head off. In the books, Harrenhal is a consequence of the eye incident, which, to the best of my knowledge happens in the next episode.

  32. The eye incident will probably happen tonight too.

  33. Just found out he speak French ( with that name I should have known...).

  34. I think she is the blood of the show with Targaryen legacy as Daenerys Targaryen

  35. Targaryens women.❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  36. My opinion on him changed when he proposed to rhaenyra to restore HIS honor 💀

  37. That dick. My enjoyement if the character def grew.

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