May Confirmed Trade Thread

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April Confirmed Trade Thread

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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that matcha is most likely going to get restocked later this month on the osume website!!

  2. Hey, that's really good news. Thanks. 😊

  3. hi would ike to buy momoka matsuri keycaps

  4. Phew, sorry, I need to re-check my inventory if I still have the keycaps. If I do, I'll PM you.

  5. Okay, thanks for the response. If avialable pls do ping back

  6. Sold Dark Purple D65 Fully Built w/ Extras to

  7. It's definitely preference. But here's what I learned from the past 2 years of switch collecting. Top clackiest switches = Gateron CJ Poms & Durock Pom Linears & Durock T1s, on a budget? Don't worry, gateron milky/cap yellows & Akko switches are cheaper alternatives. As for thocky... this is a bit tricky to get, there's no such thing as a thocky switch, you will need to mod your keyboard wth certain mods, easiest being the tempest tape mod, to achieve "thocky". So with that being said, the deepest stock sound profile, IMO, would be the Gazzew Boba U4Ts & Boba Linear Thocks. Most people would probably say Gateron Black Inks, but they're not exactly "thocky", only in a heavy modded keyboards. As for budget options, as of right now, I only know KTT Strawberry as a good deep stock sound profile. All of this is my opinion and it all boils down to preference. And just because a switch is more expensive, it doesn't mean it's better! Sorry for the long essay. 😊

  8. Sold Gok 7V Navy and Matrix Abel X Pen-Pen Keyboards to

  9. Purchased 7V Extras & Sprit Slow Extreme Springs from

  10. Bought and received kbdfans d65 Fr4 & Polycarb Plate from

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