1. she was and still is a 10. She tried to become a paramedic but got exposed.

  2. The FBI isn't in charge of this case. I don't get why the Case Breakers keep trying to submit evidence to them.

  3. They claim the PD where Bates was killed won't communicate with them.

  4. That's because that PD has concluded that Bates is not a Zodiac victim, based on the fact that one of the only connections was handwriting from letters that were later confessed as a prank by an anonymous person who contacted the PD.

  5. If they have the killer's DNA and Poste's DNA, it hurts nothing to compare them.

  6. I see cops in mustangs pulling people over all the time on 264 east on the way to work. Mainly near the newburg and bardstown road exists

  7. I never give money, instead I usually buy an extra water or soda and chips and give it to them.

  8. For us the closest Y is the Norton Commons one. Very very small workout area. No matter what time you go it’s packed. They do offer childcare, various classes, and have a pool; but as a childless couple we never needed these additional amenities.

  9. i can never understand why there are so many teens at that location

  10. I can answer that actually. At least one of the local Catholic highschools uses that location for some sort of after school sport or education program. Idk the specific details, but a friend of mine had to pick up her stepson there after he finished with his after-school programs.

  11. OK. That is good to know i can see why now. It is always packed at 5 pm

  12. There was a police officer in the 1980's TV mini series "Chiefs" named Foxy Funderburke. He scared the shit out of me as a kid.

  13. What dosage are you at? This is common. There are other meds that help with specific cravings like chocolate or sweets.

  14. This is either further evidence of how shitty a job the police did investigating the case -- elimination prints should have been taken from all people present at the crime scene and the police stated this was in fact done

  15. The police were too busy looking for a black person

  16. You must be pretty young if you think the polar bear exhibit looks the same. Do you even remember when they had otters?

  17. The part were you go down the stairs and can look under the water is still the same as when i was a kid

  18. The polar bear exhibit opened around 2011. That whole area looked totally different. Glacier Run didn't exist.

  19. A lot of it still looks the same and smells the same to me last time i went. I’m 40.

  20. why do ppl feel the need to put political preference before their religion?

  21. Because unlike luketheville, not everyone reads the socialist manifesto that is Luke (and Acts), so you gotta specify the flavor of god you follow.

  22. No I meant why would god care of you are conservative or liberal.

  23. The under cover reporter is pretty comically obvious, but it is also interesting to see footage of old downtown.

  24. Ah yes more hotels for the single massive event of each year.

  25. People still visit Louisville during the derby and they are not involved in the derby at all. They still need a place to stay.

  26. Not that i’ve seen. But the lady in the video seemed to know it was a male.

  27. clean it with soap and soft brush. let dry. mix white angelus paint with water to thin paint. lightly brush darker areas with the paint mixture. let dry.

  28. Do something fun like the adrenaline park, Full Throttle or Top Golf.

  29. Louisville still has a lot of growing to do in order to compete with either of those skylines.

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