1. "The best part of waking is Folgers in your cup"

  2. for Shame! but I award thee for your honesty when its in the minority

  3. SOMEBODY find something funny to incorporate the Folgers Coffee Can wrapped around her neck into a Kaption! Im begging you!

  4. Yep, I still catch myself doing it even though I'm in recovery 🙃

  5. She gave a NY photographer exclusive up close and personal time and in return, they filtered and photoshopped her every pic!

  6. Based on the downvotes, I guess we got some RiRi Haters. Not me!!

  7. Not really. Still shook about the 309th mass shooting in ‘merica where another child and an 85 year old great grandpa were murdered.

  8. Thanks for your input. I'll try harder

  9. Security Guard (4th pic) looks like he's going to vomit after seeing this outfit and realizing her pants don't fit (even though they are "custom") with gathering in the Krotch, Kankles, Knees, front panel, and legs, and her Boobs are now lopsided

  10. I just saw for the first time the KUWTK episode where they tour Planned Parenthood and rolled my eyes so hard at how careful they were to point out a MILLION times that Planned Parenthood does “more than just abortions” so as not to align themselves with anything abortion related. And the women they chose to tell their stories were carefully picked as well to show that they were just innocent victims of STDs/cancer and none of them had anything to do with abortion. They are anti-abortion and two-faced assholes. Sincerely, Women.

  11. Great reminder! I forgot about that episode

  12. Wonder if she's headed to see the Balenciaga couture show.

  13. By the way he laughed after he said it. I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s sitting around happy that Erika cursed at this kid. Jesus I hope not at least.

  14. Appreciate your answer and giving me your thoughts.This is one of those times where I think a "joke" went the wrong way and clearly was unwarranted by all of them.

  15. I agree. I think he was high, and just agreeing with what his wife said. Plus all petalsonthewiind said.

  16. Appreciate you giving me your thoughts

  17. Please tell me where i said it wasn’t wrong. OP exaggerated and said erika said fuck yourself 2 total different things both wrong but one much more violent. Your completely missing the point of what i said

  18. I did not and do not see where OP said this which is why I was CONFUSED AF! NOW this all makes sense if that is what OP said

  19. "I am in NO WAY defending these women but she didn't tell him to "go fuck himself", she said "get the fuck outta here" and the difference matters

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