1. If you Report it Reddit Admin can see who sent it!

  2. All those people were with Ben Winston, founder of Fulwell 73 Productions. James Corden is a partner in Fulwell Productions, and they are the Production Company of The Kardashians on Hulu

  3. Question about the deadnaming. Caitlin has officially come out and said on a couple of occasions that she prefers to be called Bruce and he/him for the periods of time when she was living as Bruce.

  4. The easy answer is that deadnaming is considered a form of discrimination in the bigger picture. Respecting her chosen name and pronouns (and any other transgender person discussed here) demonstrates acceptance and inclusion.

  5. Isn’t this rule disrespectful to the person it’s using as an example? They are asking to be referred to by a certain name when speaking to a period of their life and those wishes are getting thrown out because someone else who isn’t them decides that it’s disrespectful.

  6. About 14 months ago, we consulted with the Trevor Project for guidance after many people purposefully used the wrong gender as a form of discrimination and harassment.

  7. I didn't! I thought it was an "ouchie" from getting my eyebrows regularly done. It was very small, nondescript and didn't hurt. Fast forward 8 months, and I break my foot skiing. While visiting the surgeon, I mentioned that I had a little bump on my brow, the size of a pin head that was kind of burning that day - It felt and looked like a tiny skin abrasion. She looked at it and immediately said, "You need to see a Dermatologist." We continued with the foot appointment, and as I was in the doorway leaving, she said, "my husband is a Dermatologist, and the first call you need to make when you walk out of this door is to a Dermatologist. I don't care who you see, but you must go soon." She said it with such conviction that it scared me.

  8. There is no Rule against mocking their names

  9. I called her Kong on a post and some people had a go at me about it and now I’m confused and don’t know if it’s allowed or not?

  10. There is no Rule against mocking their names or calling her Kong

  11. “…trouble bonding to this baby that she barely any part in creating”

  12. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences! Sharing personal experiences are always welcome here! Some of us actually learn from hearing different perspectives and views on experiences we've never endured or encountered.

  13. On the flip side of this, we have a rule that links to a post where users comment “I have read the rules” — and then automod assigns a “confirmed” flair that allows users to post/comment.

  14. Every time I see this, I think its an advertisement for Nicole Polizzi (aka Snooki)

  15. https://giphy.com/gifs/xT9KVeGcIRQ7BimU2k

  16. I know we’re not supposed to speculate about this, but I have not seen kourtney wearing anything but baggy shirts. I think she might be pregnant.

  17. Same! LOTS and LOTS of news articles about how they "stopped IVF" and every time she is in public or on her own posts (even her Lemme ads), her top half is wholly shrouded

  18. Lol glad I will not be watching this season. All I have to do is come here for the tea

  19. same! - the user recaps are great! (and posted at the top of the page)

  20. The worst! I wonder if they are watching it at home and say, "You know, it sounded like a great idea at the time, but it didn't translate to the screen." (this is what happens when yo have complete editorial control and only yes-men on the payroll).

  21. Modmail works for me, but not the mod queue. Interesting.

  22. I purposefully left "The Kardashians on Hulu now showing" advertisements NEXT to every inch of this story about Kris's "odd looks" on the show.

  23. This sub was created as a free speech platform when one of the other subs discussing the Kardashians removed any " negative " content or "deemed negative."

  24. Kylie learning to drive is as cringe as Kylie shopping in the grocery.

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