1. Hopefully not spreading covid2.0, man the conspiracy people must be going nuts

  2. I used to clean up oil spills at stations, they're that stupid and more

  3. My main gripe is not being able to set it so it doesn't combine task windows at the bottom, like how tf did they think removing that option was a good idea?

  4. As a Christian it’s disgusting but not sure where the freak out is

  5. There should be one big logo per highway number with the direction and arrows to consolidate

  6. Listen to what she’s saying. If you can’t be just friends then cut your losses.

  7. Don’t worry when republicans get power again they’ll fast track all this environment-killing shit

  8. I hope that after the movie makes a big point how brave the interpreters were to help us it shows how badly the US fucked them over once we were done with them.

  9. The fucked up thing is that $2600 or $3k isn’t really a lot of money anymore

  10. Are you like a neurosurgeon or something? that's like more than most people's rent

  11. I’m older and remember $.25 candy bars/pop and <$1/gal gas

  12. You aren’t nearly as smart/grown up as you think, life has a way of teaching one in time

  13. They're going to make it so we beg for more robots

  14. It's way past time to revisit "qualified immunity." Cops can literally do anything they want, up to and including killing someone, with little to no repercussion and zero liability.

  15. What’s worse is when they’re effectively rewarded after claiming PTSD and a pension

  16. It’s crazy how many kids were very likely abused and/or molested because of this

  17. If you’re going to include a fork they could make half the fork dense cardboard and cut the excess plastic in half or more, imagine if tax cuts to corporations required such measures.

  18. Yeah that monitor looks way too low, get a wall/desk mount or something. Space very limited so consider storing PC under desk, though if you do clean it out more often. Find a couple tiny plants like succulents or something.

  19. Jesus said to love your enemies so I’ve prayed for this shit stain, but a shit stain he remains

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