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  1. Any other recommendations you can add?

  2. Some of y’all really do be exhausting.

  3. Had a coworker with a PhD use dish soap at our place of employment and he filled the dispenser. OMG the suds was enveloping the whole work area.

  4. I personally believe its him that has leaked a lot of stuff to press over the years that they didnt want released

  5. She was a former playmate of the year! I only know this because I used to watch The Girls Next Door and she was in it a few times

  6. When I was in 5th grade, I lived next to Miramar air base and we watched a jet crash in what we thought was the canyon behind the local high school. It was a house that killed an entire family and left a husband without his mother, wife and child. I will NEVER forget that day

  7. Does anyone here know who would be interested in taking a piano? I have one that I am actively looking to donate

  8. Another dem was running as an independent. Probably siphoned at least 3-4 percentage points at a minimum off of her ticket.

  9. Formula 420 (original) is going to be your friend here. You can buy it at any smoke shop

  10. No, Adam did not sign his rights away with Aubree. He did for his other daughter Paislee

  11. Joe's BBQ in Kent is good. Best I've found since moving up here.

  12. please tell me Donda Academy is a real thing. Please!!

  13. A million times no lol. I am currently rewatching and have audibly gasped over some of the things I forgot they say in the show

  14. The severance package they are offering the Dakota Dunes employee is just two months of pay. We know a few people who are affected

  15. Okay. You’ve only seen three interviews with him. How many have you see with Millie Bobbie Brown? What about with Gaten?

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