1. What platform are you on? I can't seem to find anything for it except on the Microsoft store

  2. Which mod is that if I may ask? Killing and looting spooky scorched has been driving me up the wall

  3. Much appreciated, I'll take a look later <3


  5. Sorry, forgot its those other smarks and not these ones. We're the good ones that respect women.

  6. Can't wait til Moxley faces him so the dubbalos can (somehow) gloat over it being what the Lesnar vs Ambrose at WM match should've been.

  7. They need to sack whoever makes these graphics, the state of that shitty Sonny mishmash shop is horrendous. The body's from a front facing shot while the heads from a side facing position, and somehow the fucked up the proportion.

  8. The problem is he keeps accidently over rotating and has to start the rotation again.

  9. I like Cole's trashcan hat with no physics that's as big as he is. Very fashionable.

  10. Wait, SCJerk isn't a basic wrestling memez sub now?! I can still post low effort gifs with a title only just tangentially related to wrestling in the title right??

  11. It's their role, but it's not a job. I would imagine most of their energy goes to spotting edgelord posts. It definitely isn't worth reporting memes, this place is more fun with them and I think most realise that.

  12. And it's a job/role they volunteered for with expectations that they are spending X time on the sub (or at the very least, very active), like all other other Internet janny's on this site but that's not the point, because as I mentioned a lot more posts got removed a lot quicker before - edgelord or not, so it doesn't really have a bearing.

  13. I feel like the new rules of the sub need to be reigned in a tad, in my opinion at least. SCJerk has become gamingcirclejerk like, which I'm honestly a little disappointed to see. Just unfunny non-circlejerk memes loosely tied to wrestling, and even unironic SCJ circlejerk memes (DAE BRET HART?! XDDDD up arrows plz).

  14. Every once in a while, this sub just starts to get bad. But all it takes is for SC to go insane on something for this sub to be funny again.

  15. Yeah, I've been around for the slow news days/weeks and when it bounces back. To me it just feels like the floodgates got opened and the bar got lowered. Even in this Sunday post I've seen someone posting a "MRW" and a link to a gif - just stupid memez crap.

  16. Someone (I think kofi) said recently that the worst day on the job as a wrestler is still way better than the best day when he was doing a soulless office job, so that makes it easy to not get lost in negativity about wrestling and "booking" and "pushes" and all that. I feel like a lot of wrestlers lose sight of that.

  17. I think it was Kofi on McAfee's show, and he was working as proof reading or something like that before he decided to start training.

  18. It's almost like this user is trying to steal Braun's happiness.

  19. No Corbin? Nice try squared-bot!

  20. If there's anyone with a ginormous cartoony death laser pointed at the Earth, it's gonna be Musk. How people meat ride guys like him and Khan I'll never understand.

  21. Tiny has such a frantic speaking pattern, and just keeps repeating the same "everything is fine, everything is great" tagline over and over

  22. It's almost like he's on some sort of stimulant 🤔

  23. It's powdered sugar from doughnuts you e-bot!!!

  24. It's why I can't ever see Omega in WWE. Guys 38, has vertigo issues, body breaking down, and then he'd have to learn the WWE style on top of that. If he's as thin skinned in WWE as he is in AEW he won't listen to WWE telling him what to do.

  25. Did he grab that guys nipples? What the fuck…it might have been better if he did forget what to do altogether.

  26. And yet Sting was so worried about the evil fed ruining his legacy. Even when he went to WWE for what was one last paycheck he was one foot out the door.

  27. Rest assured, I could give less of a flying fuck about Sasha anymore. I feel bad for Naomi somewhat because she was being built up, and to a lesser extent Jimmy for no doubt being in an awkward position.

  28. I refer to it as Cody using AEW as a PR agency. You can stay with the PR company that doesn't have your best interests at heart while you keep doing shitty local commercials, or you can go with one one that has Hollywood connections and take a chance.

  29. I always said about Cody when the Dub started, whether you like him or not, he was the only one of the 'EVPs' to use his position to present himself as a bigger deal and improve his standing in wrestling

  30. Absolutely, I've also said that Cody was the only one of the Elite to raise his stock. Charity work, charity merch with his brand logo on, guest starring on a TV show, somehow getting his own reality show, working with celebrities in AEW, using his school as AEW's feeder system, tattooing his brand logo onto a very visible part of his body so no one else can own it - the guy seems like an egotist, but he was smart enough to go after shit.

  31. Randy Orton was the best babyface of all time until McHitler personally RAMMED Randy down my bussy and I started to hate him.

  32. Tozawa squashes the entire roster, the end. Not even Roman, someone so low in the card it means nothing.

  33. And lovers for a brief moment in France

  34. It doesn't. Ultimate Warrior was a better wrestler than half of AEW's roster and that dude legit had like four moves in his toolkit.

  35. Did a about the same amount of coke as Khan too.

  36. I didn't find that Finn balor pinned thread funny or entertaining in any way.

  37. LA Knight has this way of channeling the end of a really weird night where the drugs are wearing off and you're around a bunch of people you don't know.

  38. Shit, that's a very accurate description.

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