1. You don't have an envoy greathorn by any chance do you? Or a celebrant rib rake

  2. I cant see your sign. Can you put a red one cause maybe i cant see the golden ones due to killing bosses

  3. Thanks a lot mate! Have fun in the game! +karma

  4. Do you have Miquellan Knight sword or Erdtrees Favor +2?

  5. Password will be 12345, i have the same name as here

  6. I can give you the sword. Do you have a magic scorpion charm?

  7. I have a +24 one. Do you have magic scorpion charm?

  8. I have one. Do you have a magic scorpion charm?

  9. I can give it to you. Do you have magic scorpion charm?

  10. I can give the bloodhound fang for azure staff +10

  11. This looks amazing! Can you tell me what mods you used for this?

  12. Tovarasi romani pe aici. Nu ma asteptam sa fim atati :)))

  13. How did you get it back? I have the same issue as you. My save data just vanished

  14. Thanks for answering. Sadly i finished the dlc amd the save data is still gone or at least bugged because when i click on the new game tab it allows me to start a new game plus on it so it still detects my campaign as finished.

  15. That part with looking at people in public places and wondering if they ever contemplated existance is way too real. Especially when I live in a backwards retard ridden country like romania. You just look around and observe what they are doing, and its always so trivial. I try to talk to people my age (17) and literally all they care about relationships, children and work.

  16. Would you look at that, another romanian around here. Well we shouldn't be surprised that people in this country are so ignorant to these matters when most of our culture and even history is based on the absurd belief that god or fate will solve our problems.

  17. What? Even shaders at 1.0 the game doesn't look that shitty. It's the 1366x768 that's doing it.

  18. I mean I run this resolution because it's the native res of my monitor(which isn't a laptop screen, i know i should invest in a better one) but up until this game I didn't have a single game that looked bad because of my resolution

  19. Point is, him telling you to up the shaders isn’t going to fix your problem. How many GB is your 1060? There might be a little wiggle room on those shader of you have a 6gb model.

  20. Yeah it's a 6gb model. I'll try changing the shader and see what happens otherwise I'll have to get a new screen

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