1. No opinion on this bill but honestly I prefer politicians who do things with their base in mind rather than their own morals

  2. Sakura ending up with naruto is logical. Her still being in love with sasuke after the timeskip just feels unhealthy

  3. Agreed. She's literally pinning for a guy who has shown almost nothing but contempt for her for years.

  4. It depends. She would probably want to ask him, and if Lev said yes, unlike Joel, Abby would definitely respect his wishes.

  5. Joel would've respected ellie's wishes too imo. Problem is, the fireflys gave him and her no chance to make it clear

  6. The likelihood of it happening is slim to none, BUT what if it was Joel and Marlene

  7. Oh look the all white group of Christians. Forgot to race swap those ones didnt they...

  8. 2 years later but thank you so much for this video. I've managed to get rank 34 and to day 13 on nemesis but I never knew how ppl got as high as you did and I also never knew why everyone used this ship/weapon. Going to try this out later this week

  9. 5 months late but i'm def down. I've never played multi player before

  10. What is your psn need to get my fix! I am Dialtone81

  11. I just realized I need psn + to co-op =( sorry!

  12. This is so interesting. Won’t reveal if any of it is wrong or right, but fun prediction to read!

  13. Honestly I'm loving these predictions. Great thread op!

  14. I didn't know this guy was Oberyn Martell.. He's talented!

  15. A lot of people see dishonor in killing an unarmed opponent. Who knows? They might have done the same to you.

  16. On my first grounded run I found this out the hard way when a guy said "fuck this" got up and shot me in the gut for 90% of my hp

  17. Mind letting us know an age range? To some people 30s might be 'older', to others 60s might be what you're asking

  18. True! In nyc there's places for both groups lol

  19. Does he even still play the guitar in the show? I think they cut that entire thing out.

  20. The guitar seems to be a pretty important link between ellie and joel in last of us 2. I think they'll have him play some sort of instrument

  21. How do you check the coverage to see if this plan would be viable for you based on the area you reside in

  22. I've never had an issue with fi in cities that i've lived in. The only notable time I couldn't find coverage was on a ski resort in upstate ny

  23. Mia's bakery in brooklyn is the best I've been to in this city.

  24. Too bad he didn't apply those ethics closer to home, especially whenever he needed new teeth. :|

  25. wtf? how am i just now learning this... what a monster

  26. Because it isn’t actually proven and seems unlikely to be true, though it’s possible.

  27. 311 is the only thing that got my shitty ass landlord to pay attention to my apartment. After that, the super wouldn't look at me and another doorman had an attitude too. Use it if you don't mind burning bridges.

  28. The only rational first step is to leave a nice note asking if they can get some padding to buffer the floor against their massive, impressive weights. Compliment, request, compliment sandwich.

  29. depending on how much they're lifting, even that would make too much noise.

  30. If I prefer standing or there's no seats I stand close to the door.

  31. Sus cut between dude looking for his phone and then woozy af in the aisle.

  32. Good stuff! Protect the ppl who beat his ass from any legal backlash

  33. This isn't true. ~90% of Americans are insured. Obamacare requires insurance providers to cover the cost of cancer screenings. Some states like New york also cover the cost of cancer screenings for the uninsured

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