1. They had a real chance to speak for American labor class workers in a huge way and they didn't prepare or consult the many intelligent people in their sub to help. I remember it well.

  2. Defintiely should've had someoen who's trained in dealing with antagonistic lines of questioning.

  3. Name and shame? I'm at Hoyt and Horn and have the exact same issue. I've been kept up and woken up by cigarette smoke for the past 4 nights.

  4. I'm really sorry that is happening to you too! I'm in Mott Haven in the Bronx- and I know how much it sucks especially when it's really cold to have to keep windows open because the smoke is so strong. I haven't even been here a month yet, so I haven't been able to meet or talk to many neighbors and I don't want to be in conflict with anyone that I have to live in the same building with but it is just too much.

  5. Honestly I gave up trying to make it past the elite 4 with nuzlock. Without grinding it's almost impossible. I just call it a successful run if I make it to them

  6. I genuinely liked season 2, but I'm in the minority apparently.

  7. For me, season 2 is good but not as good as the first season. Season 3 is where it tanks.

  8. They're just vocalizing a lot of the stuff I see on online dating profiles

  9. Yeah, Eraqus was wild. Kind of a huge asshole all game. Friends and I used to joke that he'd try and destroy Ventus for the smallest things. "I spilled my drink, Master Eraqus..." "HAS THE DARKNESS TAKEN YOU, VENTUS?!?"

  10. Especially if you are not a big drinker and don’t know mixed drinks

  11. Yeah, back when I didn't know what types of drinks I liked. I'd just ask for something sweet and 9/10 times it was pretty good.

  12. Layoffs at a company I worked for laid off a few thousand people. They sent an email to personal accounts. One person commuted to the office only to find out her badge didn't work and was asked by security to check her email...

  13. From my limited knowledge of psychology... Naruto should, at the very least, have some sort of personality disorder.

  14. Yes, it's possible. A lot of people often have 2 apartments at the same time inbetween moves.

  15. Oh I see , so when I sign the lease for them, they might need the names of all people that will be living there. So I can put my name and their names.

  16. imani grill in downtown bk has good plantains. idk the price and everything there is expensive though.

  17. Someday Bar is a neat little place. It's mostly empty and quiet and 3 mins from the A/C.

  18. 90% chance you're just going to have to pay w/e breaking fee the lease states. w

  19. Wait so they essentially had a reverse ATM? Lmfaoo. Why are they so vehemently against cash?

  20. There's a lot of overhead and risks in taking cash. Like risks of people stealing it, you have to bank and store it, etc.

  21. bkk eatery in murray hills gave me food poisioning! Enjoy!

  22. Google just deletes them. Remember that donut store in Oregon that hosed down a homeless? Almost all the negative reviews are gone.

  23. Google also shadow removes your reviews too. I left a negative review at my old apartment complex and it was shadow removed so that it only appeared to me.

  24. Ichigo would do them how Yama's spiritual pressure did Nanao

  25. Oh damn. That's dep... what did the dude do then... I don't know if I want an answer

  26. idk but the trend of reuploading youtube videos to reddit is really annoying

  27. at least neji's death prevents fan theories that madara won and Naruto is in infinite tsukuyomi

  28. Honestly, I thought it was. Ppl keep saying it's a chair but i don't see it at all

  29. I've always felt this current arc was bleache's strongest and was bummed when it was ended early/wasn't animated. Love that it's finally happening =)!

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