Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was '100% real'

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FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

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  1. I think about this all the time. The show is now encouraged to incorporate and accept diversity. With that being said, they should be open to casting a woman like you, with noticeable sleeves. I would personally love to see a woman with sleeves on the show.

  2. It’s the American version. Aussie Bachelorette had a contestant fully covered in body tattoos.

  3. The producers have a chance to do something here. Cast the first Asian bachelor. We really don’t need another dad.

  4. Hahahahahaha. Just as I was starting to believe that these two had *it* to make it last.

  5. They needed longer episodes or more episodes. You just can’t cram two seasons into one.

  6. Many moons ago he had some likable qualities (mostly on BIP), but over time, he's turned off a lot of us. There's something so smug and irritating about him. He's patronizing, even though he's been on the show FOUR times and never had a lasting relationship. The fact that he smugly mumbles often condescending advice to women. The flaunting of his extremely young girlfriend's body to pump up his own ego ("guys, isn't she HOT? am I not the MAN? I used to self software but now I get to bone THIS") The way he described how they got together on "Dear Shandy" - which was actually toxic af, which is ironic considering he gives love advice. He's really deluding himself into buying her lie that she had no idea who he was or looked him up before flying to meet him. He's also highly hypocritical - he comes after people for doing the same thing he and his girlfriend have done. Having his young girlfriend come on his podcast just to "stand up for her man" and they laugh and make fun of Katie while reading her private texts - after coming down hard on Blake H. for releasing private texts - peak hypocrite. Coming after Madi for her genuine and real fiasco when his girlfriend COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF Finneas's girlfriend Claudia's Instagram caption that was meant to be a tribute to him. (I'm sorry, is that not the most mortifying thing ever?) He is also deluded enough to think people wanted him to replace Chris Harrison. He's just not a likable guy anymore. He has little humility or self-awareness. I could go on but I'm getting heated. LOL.

  7. KB would've helped Rachel a lot more, that I am sure of.

  8. I think Natalie’s still grounded so there’s no telling how long until she gets her phone back

  9. It was nice when the host protected the lead or at least pretended to care about their best interests. CH did a few things for Emily that season that producers of today would never do. I miss the old seasons so much.

  10. All I can say to Kaitlyn, and any successful woman dating a maybe less successful man this level of stubborn/prideful, is get 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 prenup 👏🏽

  11. As a woman who’s been more successful than all of my previous boyfriends/partners, I’m kinda just ruling out marriage. I don’t see the point.

  12. Jason isn’t rushing because he can stall as long as he wants! As a man the physical window for marriage and kids isn’t going to end anytime soon, he can stay as long as the relationship benefits him.

  13. Am I the only one who doesn’t believe these random

  14. Whichever team he was on, he would 100% adapt his entire personality to theirs though lol

  15. He’s so deep and serious with Rachel! He’s a loony toon goofball with gabby! I see it

  16. I will say, Bachelorette Canada SLAPPED! It’s one of my favorites - well above most of the US Bachelorettes. Granted it could be more because of Jasmine being so great vs. the actual production value 🥲

  17. Jasmine is just an amazing human. I’m Canadian and even I know that’s why. She’s the best.

  18. I've seen a few in the wild in New York and they are pretty much all taller and more attractive in person than you'd expect - that's why I kind of roll my eyes whenever contestants' appearances get dissed on here.

  19. Are the men and women taller that you’ve encountered? Both Kait and Jillian were farrrrrr shorter and more petite than I ever imagined while seeing them on tv

  20. That’s also easy to believe! I saw her comment here on this subreddit once. Huge Mari fan over here!

  21. people w/ invisible disabilities should not be using priority seating on bus IMHO. priority seating is for physical disabilities, old age, expectant mothers or mothers w/ strollers. etc...

  22. You bought tickets to an event and attended the event. The LRT delay didn’t cost you a couple of hundred dollars. Your desire to enjoy folk music did.

  23. Jesus stop harping on this already. You're losing it.

  24. Yes! Everyone thinks (some cast included) that contract being up means they can spill tea and say what they want and reveal things that happened/BTS… but that isn’t the case! In fact, it’s spelled out quite clearly that the NDA is in perpetuity; they are NEVER allowed to do those things. We just aren’t required to run projects/gigs by ABC anymore.

  25. “I unintentionally took part in things that did hurt these people’s feelings,”

  26. Also “hurt their feelings” ??? The fuck?? As if he called them a name in the playground

  27. And now he’s paying the financial repercussions.

  28. People here are giving judges waaaaay to much credit re the warrant thing. First off there’s no risk signing off on a warrant if the sworn affidavit lays out probable cause. PC is just a story the affiant wants to tell and can use any pretense when telling it. Also MOST IF NOT ALL fed search warrants are signed off by magistrates, which are not judges and much more susceptible to political winds. Anyone cheering this and saying “removing records” (which Trump could have declassified as president anyway) is justification is missing the bigger picture. Go ahead cheer the growing politicalization and power of federal LE and see how that works out for ya……..they’ll just eat you last.

  29. "It is a federal crime to remove classified documents wrongly. And so if you are filling out that affidavit and you have to list the crime, you can list that as the crime," said Elie Honig, a former federal and state prosecutor and a CNN senior legal analyst.

  30. Does she also hit a second car behind it?

  31. I had to slow down the video to even see the first car. It’s that fast. For a while I thought the second car was the first car and couldn’t see what everyone was saying. It’s horrifying. If you didn’t see car 1 melt instantly, I wouldn’t watch the video again.

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