1. If it takes 10 years, i think this was a bad idea.

  2. Took me two or three days. You'll be fine.

  3. This! You see what happened with me today is that as I couldn’t get it on SO MANY tries, it was dry AF when it finally got in. And probably with all the dirt (although i did wash my hands) from my fingers.

  4. Ok every, let's say three times, you don't get it in, sluice it off with saline solution lens wash. If it's any kind of dried out, chuck it and use a fresh one. Dry contacts will scratch your eye up. Don't do it.

  5. My dad hoards food. He's in a home so I do his shopping thru Amazon/Morrisons. He phones and tells me that he's running out of.

  6. My grandma will literally break her back to bend down and pick up ONE tiny crumb from the floor, whereas I’d personally just leave it and then get the vacuum out if it really bothered me that much.

  7. Oh my god. Going back 30 years and she's long dead now I'm sure but my ex's gran... We went to visit, had heavy suitcase with us, staying the week with ex's mom.

  8. Theyll only continue to get benefits for the 16 year old if they are in education

  9. Education, training or apprenticeship if memory serves.

  10. Not an apprenticeship and it’s only specific types of training

  11. It's built into your phone, Android and IOS, other countries like the US and Canada already use the functionality so the UK is just catching up with them. Depending on the phone you can control what types of notifications you can receive but I believe everyone will get this test one to make sure it works and everyone sees it.

  12. Well that says you need android 11 or above. I'm on 10 so I guess I'll just wait and see.

  13. You're kidding, right? Rain, wind and babbling water will put me to sleep in seconds.

  14. I just started on non-statin cholesterol pills and one of the side effects according to the leaflet is farting more.

  15. Come on man! Do it for the greater good. These things need to eat too.

  16. That's true. I don't need to run fast, just faster than someone else

  17. I'm sorry but having faith is completely selfish in my opinion. Even if I knew in some way that nothing bad will definitely never happen to me in my life, I would be betraying those that have horrible things happen to them in there lives by praying to God and thanking him and asking him for certain things. For example how can I ask for help and say thank you for such a good life when their are millions of people that are hungry and suffering every day. Pretty selfish isn't it?

  18. What you're supposed to do from a Christian point of view in that instance is pay your good fortune forward and help other people less fortunate.

  19. £25k would pay off mine and my dad's debts. Just resetting back to zero would be enough for us to at least relax for a bit

  20. Private hire vehicles are family sized vehicles and minibuses which carry up to eight passengers. They:

  21. That's the ones. They're half the price in Birmingham. Here in Cannock, fucking daylight robbery.

  22. Not sure what your saying here. Since most Redditors are in the United States, I assume that's the case with the OP.

  23. The current US inflation rate is starting to moderate. It was at 6.4% and now it's at 6%.

  24. Ok the demographic of reddit is mostly USA but you're only 5% if the world. Bold move to assume op's only talking about one specific country.

  25. We do. But they aren't responding to anything we send. And we'd rather not take it to the press, based on the nature of it. My family does not want to be something used by bad actors in politic to form some sort of argument about vaccines and autism and the like. Its a frustrating place to be in. Not even sure the press will even be interested in the story, since covid is a topic nobody wants to talk about.

  26. You can't avoid the antivaxxers I'm afraid as your situation is precisely the proof they're looking for.

  27. Thats why this was my last ditch effort lol. Its so frustrating. Watching someone you love deteriorate then vanish becuase you trusted the government, then they turn their back and ignore you. I would love to know why suing the hospital isnt an option, too. They sent a patient who clearly didnt have the ability to walk home?? Thats gross negligence. I hated every second of it, and now we can't do anything about it.

  28. The stark truth of it is that they have better lawyers.

  29. Shrug and move on. Let em have their little power grab. No skin off my nose.

  30. If you're 17 you can book appointments yourself without parents involvement or knowledge in the vast majority of countries.

  31. Yes we all have municipal recycling bins that get collected by the council every two weeks. It's recycling day today in fact.

  32. Appreciate the little things and try to enjoy what you've got instead of wanting more.

  33. Well I guess I'm that farmers daughter with her boyfriend trying to get away without daddy using his gun on him.

  34. Discuss? Forget it. Argue the toss and get hopelessly bogged down in semantics, take your pick

  35. I smoke rollies too and roll them very small. My OH calls them prison fags. I did a bit of working out and there's so little nicotine in each one that anything but zero nicotine juice is many times what I take in from my rollies. Even my militantly anti smoking GP shrugged my intake off when I told him 15g lasts me three weeks.

  36. All good advice so far but remember there's nothing wrong with being able to express yourself succinctly

  37. My first child's legs being pulled out of the cesarian cut by the surgeons.

  38. She hangs out in the mountains and screams at hikers in the night

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