1. i dunno what happened titanf but lets do our bests for having fun

  2. She's obviously distraught and I do feel bad for her. We don't know the full circumstances so a bit hard to judge.

  3. So many comments on that other post saying he shouldn't have filmed this/put it on the internet but if that was a guy throwing a tantrum about getting dumped everyone wouldve been saying how it's a good idea to film stuff like this in case you get attacked or need evidence. Interesting dichotomy.

  4. She doesn’t care about him. There another video of her abuse-baiting him after hitting him. This is just a ploy for control.

  5. Besides the fact that she need therapy and OP dodged a bullet, what is the context here?

  6. From what she says, she “doesn’t want him to be with anybody else” and wants to be “the only one”. So looks like they broke up and she couldn’t handle it. There’s another video of her trying to bait him into hitting her after kicking him in the groin off-camera, and the caption mentioned abuse.

  7. Well , another first for me. I have never seen an adult throw a temper tantrum

  8. Just like putting pineapple slices on pizza. Italian will scream at your face while the rest of the world enjoys it.

  9. I mean it makes sense, have you ever met a rat called Brian?

  10. Woke culture’s latest victim smh my head (don’t look at my profile bio)

  11. Considering what I've heard about how French speakers react to Quebecois French that's honestly hilarious.

  12. It genuinely sounds like a drunk 17th century sailor trying to speak modern french but slurring it all with ironically a lot more anglicisms. And they’re adamant they kept the original french pronunciation going since the same time period.

  13. I personally don’t want certain keywords associated with this account. That’s it.

  14. Find a girl that looks at you like this stalker. And then run like hell.

  15. Okay I'm sorry do you think of that every time someone says "ears" because that's a wild fucking journey to take.

  16. Yes. I was but a wee child when I saw that film and thus have it imprinted onto my prefrontal cortex.

  17. That reminds me that there’s a movie about a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic old man who hire a poor man as personal assistant and they become best buds.

  18. I'm talking about fodder such as random unnamed pirates/unnamed marines/Impel Down guards. If the character has a name -even if they're considered "fodder" -yeah you're right. They wont die cuz this is One Piece. But unnamed fodder dies constantly, most of it is offscreened though when the death happens. Zoro casually cuts people and gives them deep ass flesh wounds then leaves them laying there to presumably bleed out. Robin snaps peoples necks/spines and lets them fall to the ground, and that impact I would presume causes their deaths.

  19. Yeah except this is Oda. He states a lot of things and contradicts himself a lot. We literally saw Luffy push men into lava in Impel Down. You really think they're alive?

  20. Actually yeah, Oda can retcon it into being mild hot sauce all along or some bs for the sake of comedy

  21. I like the dynamic, but the subtext of a heroic American billionaire vs a villainous Asian billionaire is not lost on me (yes I know he was American born)

  22. Lmao Marvel really said “man I really miss the Mandarin, wish we could bring him back”

  23. Sorry if this is a naive question, I know nothing about handguns, but where was he keeping it? The officer patted down all pockets and then threw the gun on the ground from off camera.

  24. Honestly, I don't know why heroes and vilians don't kill each other. I would love it if the very insane mass murdering individuals would be put to death. I mean, don't they have a justice system? I'm pretty sure you could get a jury to convict Joker to the gas chamber.

  25. They do, just not in the big 2. Try Image comics like Invincible or Dark Horse comics like hellboy.

  26. Impalement. Specifically the one from chapter 20 of Wolfsmund

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