Old Gal Face Gains 7.5 months Alternate Day Fasting 193 to 140

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  1. Today is day 45, and last night was the hardest yet! Stay strong everyone. You've got this.

  2. You can do this. Try not to think so much of counting days, only one day at a time!

  3. Yes, we must feel very similarly! I think a lot of my substance issues came from a desire to be stimulated and then following a lack of impulse control sent me into a whirlwind.

  4. Not exactly a Suby guy, but we have an incredibly reliable, trustworthy and honest guy in South Slope. We have a 2003 Legacy wagon and she’s in amazing shape thanks to our mechanic. We’ve done a lot of work at L&B and Chris always takes really good care of us and never cheats us out of anything. Seriously.

  5. Yeah the barrel has been replaced. I'm starting to think something is wrong with the shifter and the car is not registering it is in park. The dealer keeps telling me the car has 150k miles that its not worth going in and taking the time to mess with the wires. So I'm just trying to compare experiences to see if maybe I can find someone to help me solve that actual problem. They're really bothering me charging 150$ and complaining the whole time.

  6. I had a problem with the key release in my car. Just got it fixed today. It was tge transmission and ended up costing 450 (90 of it was a diagnostic fee)

  7. Have you tried disconnecting the battery?

  8. No, I just took it right to the mechanic. I couldn't even think to fiddle with it anymore.

  9. I’m sure they’re aware without your Reddit’s speak

  10. I’m just saying. Don’t fat shame other people’s animals online.

  11. Make yourself at home! The mortgage payment is due on the first and the outside could use a good power washing!

  12. Metal is very dense, and creates a lot of pressure differential with very little height. As part of my senior casting competition project in college, I designed and casted a 150lb anvil with an in-gate that was less than 2 square cm. This was to demonstrate the effectiveness of naturally pressurized gating, as the anvil filled in only a few seconds. Gravity won't be a problem, trust me the pressure will be sufficient to push the metal up the mold.

  13. Okay if you have to make metal casting a completion , go right on ahead.

  14. Ironically, I have competed in a metal casting competition before, as a senior in college, which is what my previous comment was referring to. It was an actual competition where foundry students brought castings they made and presented their research and methods. Not trying to make it a competition now, but I am a metallurgist, and this is literally my field of study, life's work, and career. I try to make sure the information out there is accurate as possible. Casting is a science, and there are right and wrong ways to do certain things.

  15. Sure, so demonstrate your command of a niche knowledge field and use it to toot your own horn on a reddit post. Why post something you already claim to know the answer to? Just to pontificate about your years in college at a metal casting competition ? I studied metal casting in college too and have worked in sculpture foundries in New York, and we would never cast it that way. There is no one single way anything is done , usually. So get a grip and take your grand standing somewhere else.

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