1. Are you developing on WSL? If so you’ll have to update php on the Linux side as well.

  2. No only on windows. And the php executable path is blank so I wonder where else does it read it from

  3. When you type “path” in your command line and in your VSCode terminal, do they match up? How did you change the path and is that persisting between command prompt sessions?

  4. same. And I checked again, now it updated. I am not sure why it had a delay (I closed and opened VS code of course a few times). thank you for the help

  5. Think about them later. I regularly forget which one of them was shared between tabs since they have the same interface, easy to switch.

  6. Oh yes so LocalStorage is the shared one yes it's confusing. You are right about the other points but I believe that for force logout - then it will be less important to show that prompt. However if I really want to I will use websockets to push that prompt. The timer is on the frontend though - I just get the session value from the backend and start the timer on the frontend

  7. Web sockets create a persistent connection for things that need a real-time response.

  8. I just wanted to avoid polling. Do you have an idea when it can become an issue? Like having too many requests for the server to handle

  9. On the point of sending data to the back-end, look up the documentation on

  10. oh wow I'm learning a lot from this post haha. 2 things that actually replace the exact things I was planning to use. This is amazing. Because it really answers the exact questions I had - for example, MDN mentions to NOT use beforeunload, and then this new API sendBeacon actually tells that you can use that instead to reliably send on page exit. amazing! I think the combination of the two can give a good starting point. There are however a few things I wish to know - if I send sendBeacon every time visibility changes. How bad is it for the server if a user keeps changing tabs fast? I mentioned in the other comment that I am going to have some sort of request limiter in the backend, so maybe that's enough?

  11. When you switch between tabs, you can see a visibilitychange event being fired. If you check document.visibilityState from within your event handler, you'll find "visible" or "hidden" as expected.

  12. Oh yes this part I understand. But then how will you send the data? Or, when? Imagine a user switches between the tabs extremely fast. How do I know when to send the request? If I just send the data when visibility changes to hidden for example it might be very susceptible to DDoS. How could I add basic protection in the frontend to prevent such abuse. In the backend of course I will also add limiter for requests, but I wonder how to consider this fast switching between tabs. Because a user might actually work on 2 tabs and switch between them while working on them (needs to see data from both tabs). So maybe also add some sort of timeout to only send the requests if a certain timeout passes after a visibility change?

  13. Iframes work even if javascript is disabled. ;)  

  14. Btw I checked v4 version of Google analytics and they seem to use script now:

  15. Iframes are encapsulated... Basically another tab, so that code can't see your website code.  

  16. oh nice! And regarding what you said that this is why a lot of big companies use it like Google analytics - I just got confused because in the link it's script and not iframe anymore - is it just what they did in the newer versions of Google Analytics because as you said it gives them more information? And they used iframe in past versions?

  17. there is only one sub $80 B550 and its certainly not decent:

  18. I just usually don't sell my used items so I thought if I plan to upgrade to Ryzen 5000 series I'll just use the current PC as a home server for some projects I'm doing and build a new PC (I've got all other parts except for the mobo and CPU), and if I upgrade to a 5000 CPU I might as well just get a pcie 4 mobo now

  19. could get a cheap used A320 for the second PC. it seems the time for cheap B550/X570 boards has past, the prices have gone back up and doesnt look like they would be dropping much.

  20. I bought PCIe 4 NVME so I just wanted to try its full potential lol, but looking at the prices you might be right and A320 might be the best solution

  21. I found two of them, one was flipped so I got the other one closer to his flipped friend, but he just smelled him for a second and ditched him

  22. Omg I'm going to buy it and pass it to my grandchildren

  23. You missed the -n option on the clone, no initial checkout. Inattentive speedreads are a bad and easy habit to fall in to.

  24. Thanks, haha yes I didn't notice that. So when I cloned it without the flag, it checked out to the master branch right? Then why do I need to do again git checkout . in their instructions if it already is checked out? Is it because I need to re-checkout after changing the config?

  25. 😅 haha true, my recycle bin currently has over 10 openssl git clones

  26. Like lots of command line software, OpenSSL can be used in interactive mode (the prompt you mentioned) or non-interactive mode, in which you give it all the information it needs to run a full command and exit.

  27. Got it, thank you. You think I can somehow run openssl in interactive mode in the version I built myself or they dropped it in this version?

  28. Oh nice I see. Nope I don't need the interactive mode, I just didn't know if I built openssl correctly. Thank you

  29. I'm not sure if Microsoft now supports $path, last time I used windows it was still %path%

  30. Thank you, I ended up using the other method with c++ and finally did it!

  31. here's an exe installer for windows

  32. Thank you I just didn't want 3rd party, and I managed to build and install it eventually from source!! Thank you

  33. With Thermalright coolers noctua aren't relevant at least for me anymore.. a $40 cooler that has better performance than their highest $100 cooler

  34. it is a good practice to tag releases and versions, so in order to get the repo state at said tag you can checkout to it instead of looking for the commit hash

  35. thanks, and what is the reason git clone -b openssl-3.1 https://github.com/openssl/openssl cloned the 3.1.0-dev and not just 3.1.0? Because that's just how they named the branch - 3.1, and not 3.1.0?

  36. That's because you cloned said branch, which was used for development purposes. Not sure which git workflow this project follows so it may not contain stuff that was included in release (maybe some bugfixes were done in separate branches?)

  37. They don't come with a cooler anymore? Usually that's for the high end. but a 7600x? lol, and do they sell it for cheaper now that they saved some $$ on a cooler? I don't think so

  38. I worry about this fitting into my case, it is quite longggt

  39. Yep it doesn't fit my case, I really wanted one of these though, looks so good. I might be able to make it work if I take one of the front fans

  40. ממתי אוכלים פיתה בפסח?

  41. מסתבר שלא שמעת על קהילות יהודיות מסוימות שזה נהוג אצלן 🤣🤣

  42. I tried to translate it as best as I can, inlcuding leaving the grammar mistakes written by the chat:

  43. Yes lol. The amount of times I want to click on my friends list and just click on clan is getting ridiculous and the update has only been out for 2 days 😂

  44. Fuck birthdays, people celebrating getting closer to their death, how can you "celebrate" that shit

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