1. Can't say I'm sad over this. Like many American productions, it seems rather fixated on making sexual identity a major plot point. At this point I'm bored with it, and I think it's time for a more subtle approach.

  2. Mary Renault's The King Must Die and The Bull from the Sea (based on Theseus).

  3. Idk what the point of the second tweet is. Being too white, too girly, or too traumatic are all common complaints thrown on straight stories. It's just human nature for people to complain and queer people are (shocking) regular people

  4. I agree. Nobody expects straight people to like every story with straight protagonists, so I don't know why there's this expectancy when it comes to gay people.

  5. At the end of the day, you can't gatekeep an entire genre. There's no way to stop production companies from making gay media to appeal straight women. And it is true this demographic was fundamental to the success of most recent gay movies/series.

  6. Maurice (1987): Set in the early 20th Century England, it's a faithful adaptation of a great novel by E. M. Forster, a coming of age story about an ordinary middle class man. Like a number of Merchant Ivory films, it's a gorgeous period piece with a nice cast.

  7. “Wingmen” by Ensan Case. A novel about two US naval pilots during WW2

  8. It was my favorite, but by season 5-6, it was clear the show had run out of steam, the conspiracy story thread sucked out a lot of the fun from the show, among other issues. Maybe ending sooner, and on a higher note, would have been better.

  9. Castle was another victim of the Moonlighting curse: after the will-they/won't-they couple got together, the show lost its steam pretty fast. I agree it should've finished sooner.

  10. Mary Renault is one of my favorite writers. She was writing M/M in the 50s. She has so many classics but my faves are Fire from Heaven (1969) — Alexander the Great from the age of four up to his father's death and The Persian Boy (1972) — from Bagoas' (his concubine’s) perspective; which takes place after Alexander the Great’s conquest of Persia.

  11. Love Mary Renault. The Charioteer is one my favorite novels ever.

  12. Not sure what this has to do with mm romance books?

  13. Oh well, I thought some people would like to hear about a real life example of stuff like Red, White & Royal Blue and Young Royals. I apology if the content is considered off-topic! 👍

  14. Off topic for sure. This isn’t really the sub for this.

  15. Mary Renault's books, particularly The Charioteer and the Alexander trilogy.

  16. Gentle tender strangers to friends to lovers slow burn. Like, give me all the cautious glances, wistful looks and 'accidental' touches. And when they finally hold hands?? Hooo boy.

  17. I really like this one as well. I just can't deal with insta-love (and teenage MCs).

  18. Lovers in Arms by Osiris Brackhaus - WW2. This one kinda dissapointed me, wasnt as good as I expected, but it does take place directly during the war and after. One of the love interest is german,

  19. Mario Liverani's Israel's History and the History of Israel.

  20. It was very unexpected, but I stumbled across a great Netflix show.

  21. Smiley quickly became my favorite gay-centric series (not that there's a strong competition...). I would argue it's innovative because it's a light story that doesn't heavily focus on homophobia/coming out. It's also quite inclusive without trying too much to be, which is something that happens sometimes in Hollywood productions.

  22. Great song. It's actually from Olivia's 1983 movie soundtrack TWO OF A KIND. They tacked this song along with some others onto the 2021 Physical Deluxe Edition. There is a music video for this track as well. The Two of A Kind soundtrack is awesome and can be streamed on Apple Music.

  23. Twist of Fate and Livin' in Desperate Times are both cool Two of a Kind singles with nice videos.

  24. 45 and Holding by Jacki James & Jill Wexler fits your request quite well.

  25. Any German/Austrian/Swiss here? I'm not German, but I'm watching Tatort Saarbrücken now and it's great. It really feels like a cop M/M romance, despite the lack of canon homosexuality.

  26. Oh it's just slow burn, give them a few more episodes...

  27. The whole movie is just a bunch of random dated sketches. I guess it had some novelty appeal in the 1970s, but overall it aged like milk.

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