1. But these old tanks will put unproportional stress on the already struggling Russian logistic.

  2. It's possible that the supplies situation for these things are better than for the t-62 just because of how afwully many were built.

  3. Different caliber guns on all three. 100mm 115mm 125mm, the ammo wouldn't be interchangeable between then regardless of bore type

  4. The 115 on the t-62 is a 100 of the t-55 with the rifling bored out and i believe a larger case so it might be feasible to modify shit to 115. Though ammo handling would be horrendous, it already is in the t-62 and that's ostensibly made for it

  5. Yeah exactly, it only works combined with SA. It’s either a bug or a way to balance it out.

  6. Also, don't forget that pedophilia isn't a sin in the bible if you're heterosexual. As long as you marry or pay off the parents, you can pretty much rape one at any age!

  7. I'd have to reread it to verify that, but if it's true, that's horrible... and utterly consistent with republican morality

  8. Jeez what's with the hate for Ferrari. They had a little bit high deg than AMR and Charles was on a soft. Nothing they could do other than what they did. They came ahead of Stroll

  9. This is not hate. It's just poking fun at how leclerc is always screwed over even without explicit involvement of ferrari... which would come later

  10. I had the feeling that the wording for "working on the car" was too unclear to sustain an appeal. Thankfully I've been proven right, and podium 100 returns.

  11. Apparently it relies on a single meeting but the minutes didn't show there was any actual agreement on jacks touching the car (i have no idea on other issues)

  12. These FIA documents are always so funny to me. They try so hard to come across as legally sound, but it's mostly just mumbo-jumbo.

  13. It's sound enough to bring across the decision, basis, and process. So the document isn't that bad. it's just that their basis is usually a whole lot more shaky than you'd like (and they think). (Though some ambiguity might be good to keep f1 from becoming more about lawyering than racing, couldbe solved be allowing for steward interpretation)

  14. God damned right. If Max is going to have WDC locked up by the Hungary GP then I gotta find entertainment somewhere in the backmarker teams. I want to see Kmag and Lando duking it out for 15th.

  15. I didnt do the math. I just picked a race in the middle of the calendar.

  16. Wonder what kinda premiums rbr is charging to be on the championship winning team car

  17. If you wanna watch racing other series do it pretty well, such as IMSA, WEC, SRO GTWC, etc. F1 is an engineering competition first and foremost, the quality of racing here isn't great. I still like the series, but even the MX-5 Cup has more intense races

  18. Regs have been trying to make the cars more similar but somehow it's gets worse at the front and back every time

  19. That man was either having some very conflicted feelings or knows exactly what he wants

  20. I kinda expected him to go max on his car and kick it

  21. Yeah I think Lawrence saw Red Bulls "punishment" and immediately opened his checkbook.

  22. So like I’d be wondering what kind of porn or only fans is he watching. For instance if he’s into some shit your not doing that could be a thing that would entice him. Maybe ask if you can watch with him and get involved.

  23. And some kinks i watch porn of i wouldn't even want to try with my partner

  24. Somehow i don't think they'll manage even that this year

  25. Yes, it's not 2014-2020 level yet, but I had hope the new regulations and cost cap would help in making races less predictable

  26. Who's going to stop him? Ferrari is only stopping themselves.

  27. Keep dreaming. Ferrari would be the only real threat, but ferrari being ferrari they'll make sure they don't win. They proved that handely today

  28. no one would disagree getting Dan Fallows was brilliant move by Stroll, but its still an aston car, its still half a mercedes

  29. Shows how much mercedes fucked up on the other half

  30. I suggest diluting it with alcohol to stretch supplies

  31. I am not that old but still make this mistake more often then i'd like

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