1. I used to do shit like this when i was a 14 year old; & reckon that 40 year old me would hate 14 year old me.

  2. that's what i was thinking. didn't do this one specifically but for sure did stupid, anti-social shit that would've got me roasted in this sub if posting videos of kids doing dumb shit was a thing back then lol.

  3. Willing to bet it’ll end up in the hands of newscorpse & then it’ll validate all the boomers beliefs about how kids are ‘’out of control’’ thanks to poor parenting of their leftist, slacker gen-x / millennial parents.

  4. Can't believe you're being downvoted. If you own a dog and it attacks humans multiple times, it should be put down. End of story.

  5. i think they're being downvoted because the way they've said it (or how im interpreting it) is that the dog attacked them on a couple of occasions, which is obviously horrible and nobody did anything about it. So they took the matter into their own hands which sounds like they could have done anything from self defence if the dog attacked again, though it doesn't sound like that as they admitted they won't talk about it or they will be downvoted, or what i'm assuming with the lack of detail, they consciously seek out the dog and beat it up (or tortured it in some other way) to the point where, when found, it would need to be put down due to the extent of the injuries.

  6. Not uncommon really. Check first, if there's a limit go somewhere else.

  7. It's so true! It's impossible to always stay left because others don't! I find it confusing because I then have to guess whose following the left rule or not so sometimes I second guess it. Guessing there's thousands of us living in the state of confusion which is why there's no consistency 🤷‍♀️

  8. Sorry for the 2 months late reply but I think you may have misread their comment because they put the comma in the wrong place. They meant "It could have been prevented a lot but it wasn't [prevented a lot], because McDonalds didn't take it seriously"

  9. What, exactly, does Jamie’s new position entail, some clearer description beyond the rather vague “intelligence”? Chicago PD is supposedly about an intelligence unit, but, from what I‘ve read, in real life, real police department intelligence units don’t quite resemble that. I don’t think that even the writers have a concise idea since Jamie’s assignments seem to randomly differ in regard to objectives from episode to episode.

  10. Yeah I have no idea what his job is. Seems to just do a similar thing at a bit higher level so he can argue with Danny, which he did anyway but all still very boring imo 🤷‍♀️

  11. tl;dr I didn't tap on. Everything else is irrelevant.

  12. Nowhere near as fun as going up to the old lady at the milk bar and asking for a packet of fags. Side note… what 10 year old kids think is fun is stupid, lol

  13. Yeah and even when they were called fads, which they always were for me, we still thought it was cool to simulate smoking with them 🙄

  14. This was a legit great show, had some actually creepy af stories especially for kids!!

  15. It's crazy how many people refuse to watch it I'd argue that it's better than or as good as z

  16. I agree, it's better!! The manga in particular DB is far superior to DBZ though ofc they're both great!

  17. That's a good point actually. My little cavaliers get a good growl on when playing tug of war! And many reasons a dog can whine too from being left outside for 30 seconds, to watching another dog or person eat, being groomed, etc

  18. Huge scam. I was selling on marketplace and got this three times in one night 🙄 the script becomes very obvious.

  19. Yeah! I was very surprised to see these on people's lawns the other day when walking. Haven't got one myself but definitely seems like a waste - I can't imagine many people at all will bother to keep it.

  20. Yeah I don't like the news in general but Hitch is a cutie. I love his little giggles when it cuts back to him after an animal story. He seems like a big softie.

  21. Musicals were a huge thing at the time. Once upon a time did a musical episode and initially I heard PLL was doing a whole episode too so I was really glad it was just the one scene because I hate musicals lol. Riverdale did one too I think, it's just a thing 🤷‍♀️ I think PLL did a decent job at it, Janel is amazing. And one scene is bearable unlike the full episodes lol

  22. Knew some dick was gonna say it. Just speaking to my experience man, I ain't saying they're perfect, just no worse than any other delivery service 🤷‍♀️ maybe my expectations for customer service are just low lol

  23. I mean - it wants to be La Dolce Vita, it wants to be Boogie Nights; it wants to be singing in the rain even - but those movies do take you on a journey, even without (in the case of the former two films) a traditional linear plot.

  24. Wow I don't think this movie shows that Hollywood is amazing at all! I think it shows horrible working conditions for so many, sexism, racism, mental health issues, drug issues, suicide and how easy it is to lose your self worth in the shallowness of show biz. I feel like we saw two different films if you really saw Hollywood as some kind of 'amazing"!!

  25. There's a nice walking track from mordialloc creek. Goes all the way to edithvale from memory with lots of opportunities to circle back so go as long as you like.

  26. The issue (to some extent) is the cast. If the cast was really young, a lot of them would('ve) left the show in order to pursue other/different opportunities. But the main cast here know this is going to be as good as it gets in terms of getting a paycheque for a project and so it's a reilable job because the show can't really outgrow its cast; if the main cast leaves, the show dies. Successful shows (as you mention) rotate main cast in and out but again, because these aren't younger cast members using the show to get other work/notice, I don't see a radical shift in terms of main cast (Jaime, Danny, Erin, Frank) leaving.

  27. That's a good point. I'm a huge Vanessa ray (Eddie) fan and I wish desperately she'd do something else because I know she's capable of it but then I remind myself they are all actors too and sometimes they just want and need stability like the rest of us. I think you're right - this is like that for a lot of the cast now. It's secure work.

  28. Wow. I made $40 from them in a year 🤷‍♀️ the only survey I didn't do they offered was a webcam one and that was only a few weeks ago. Idk why my profile doesn't attract there haha

  29. Ha bizarre isn't it!!? I almost want to start a new account and see if it makes any difference!

  30. There’s definitely quite a few scam ones to keep an eye out for! Always worth while having a quick google and/or sussing out some reddit posts before signing up to some sites.

  31. Nice I'll check that one out this month too! Yeah I always have a quick Google before joining any of them. Some conflicting info sometimes re pay and whether it's worth your time but that can be fairly subjective really!!

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