1. I enjoyed it. I think I still need to read the last trade paperback, my local Barnes and Noble has the first book or 2

  2. Most villains have poor impulse control, and don't really plan beyond "I'm going to put on my super suit and steal money from Fort Knox!", so realizing if you kill Spider-Man he won't be able to stop Doctor Doom from stealing the Odinforce and remaking Midgard in his image is kinda above their level of intuition.

  3. As someone who played, and then GMed various super hero TTRPG, let me tell you with enough planning, effort and skill any powerset can be overcome.

  4. In Marvel's Starfleet Academy comic series, the cadets find themselves defending Talos IV against Dominion forces. And in Beta canon materials the Founders feared telepathic species, mostly because they could out Changelings easily.

  5. Here's something everyone forgot from the Martha's Vinyard stunt: someone falsified documents.

  6. But unless they want to charge the act of shipping them as human trafficking, the falsified documents are the only chargeable offense, and we don't know for sure he ordered people to issues fraudulent immigration paperwork.

  7. Tell me someone in your life is gay without telling me.

  8. In this case the State can contact a known expert to test the validity of your defense. It might be Reed Richards to test if your reality has been changed, or a known telepath or mystic to see if your mind or soul has been tampered with.

  9. Ok, here's the thing: The Snap didn't kill anyone. Oh, people died BECAUSE of the snap, but the people affected by the Snap itself didn't die; they simply faded away. They ceased to exist.

  10. Well, one forgets that this movie, and it's prequel, take place during the Cold War. There is a Russian base a snow cat ride away, so I'm sure they feel the need to protect themselves in case of Soviet aggression.

  11. I’d like to think the prison is actually entirely full of people Starfleet was punishing for show.

  12. They make sure to describe it to the species they're appeasing so it sounds like cruel punishment. The mild temperatures described as near freezing, the sunny days as oppressive sun, the lack of tech and trade as isolation.

  13. There may be precedent for making exceptions established soon, as I doubt that SNW's second season will start with Number One getting drummed out of Starfleet forever.

  14. Considering the amount of Number one in the trailer for Season 2, you're right.

  15. "He left her at the alter; now she's going to leave him in PIECES!"

  16. I need that on a fallout style movie poster for real. Just an angry bride with a mini gun who just shot down a door and the groom hiding behind some furniture.

  17. Well, I guess the Wedding Bells would have the Junkies prefix, for sure.

  18. It would've made sense with more background, like is vivian Ana's niece, is she Ana's bestfriend's kid? But just a neighbor's kid is a bit weird.

  19. Well, you end up assuming that she's close to Ana and her husband, and if she got into their house she's in trouble.

  20. The fact she got in their house should be the bigger mystery. Either she knew where a spare was and got there before turning, or Ana didnt bother to shut the front door. Or zombie can pick locks. But I'm guessing snyder was hoping for the shock value or the scene happening early enough that people dont think too much about it.

  21. Trying to remember if her boyfriend comes out an open front door, smashes through a screen door or somehow opens the front door...

  22. Ages ago, on an IMDB message board (kids ask your parents), we pitched the WWZ show. Essentially, it would be set up like "Band of Brothers" from HBO: You'd have an older person setting up the story ("of course, food was harder to come by after the first winter; we'd eaten everything from the stores. That meant going into people's homes and taking what we could scavenge. This was dangerous, because sometimes they were still there...one way or another. Sometimes they set up traps to keep looters out, which I guess we were. And sometimes, they left infected behind. You never knew what was hiding behind each door,") then you fade into the story.

  23. Oh my god, you're basically befriending wild animals.

  24. Oddly, I have pretty much said that to wild animals.

  25. They don't even read the Bible which is the book most of them profess to live by. I've lost count of the times they try to tell me Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of homosexuals.

  26. It's what happens when you base your worldview on the wrong stories.

  27. Since the Data Golem was STOLEN, I'm not sure how it could be Starfleet property.

  28. Random thought I had last night was what if Seth took a logical approach to a Mirror Universe Earth. A violent humanity wouldn't just magically be the leaders of whatever Interstellar group they found/conquered. And they probably wouldn't have the equal technology compared to the rest of the galaxy, either. So, 2 options comes to mind.

  29. Wait, was that planned? It almost looks staged.

  30. In theory, but the Jedi council warns against forming attachments. So no force hugs, cuddles or head pats.

  31. Kate had the leather skirt yesterday, but Rachel's is the length it should have been.

  32. It's funny how American TV goes out of they way to downplay the attractiveness of their news personalities, and then there's this amazing clip that's literally "look how fucking hot this woman is", and she seems to be HERE FOR IT!

  33. He may or may not be a mutant. It gets weird, it was recently revealed he only had the x-gene because he wanted to have, subconsciously. Upon losing much of his power this was revealed.

  34. My head canon is he is a mutant, as in he has variant DNA compared to baseline humans. But he doesn't have an X-gene. In effect, he's the future of humanity or a totally new species, rather than another X-gene created mutant.

  35. I know that Agents of Shield Canon is debatable in MCU. In Agents of Shield, there was The Confederacy. An intergalactic alliance formed by members of six extraterrestrial species that have approached Earth. Who said if the earth would give in to their demand they could protect Earth from outside forces. Thanos was mentioned.

  36. The Confederacy were essentially con men though: they name drop Thanos and his crusade, then ask for gravitonium.

  37. Don't laugh; he's your new TL. He'll only be found when he wants something from you, and then he'll make your life hell until he gets it. He'll silently judge you as work, and trying to explain things to him will just get more silence and confused looks.

  38. So no tattoos or shellfish either, right? Or we just cherry picking verses to justify bullying marginalized communities?

  39. According to a Christian I used to argue with, Jesus lifted all the old Jewish laws like Tattoos and shellfish, but the Gay one stayed.

  40. That’s convenient, right, so he only died for certain sinners? Oddly Jesus himself actually never mentioned homosexuality and said he was coming to cleanse ALL the world of its sins. Gotta love that fake hypocrite Christian bias, bless their hearts 🙄

  41. I asked if Jesus listed the stuff he "fulfilled", or if he just said "old law fulfilled, you're all free!", and got a half assed answer back.

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