1. „Sure we can have a threesome, but I’m just interested in mmf threesomes or in fff theresomes“ 🙌

  2. I don’t really wish it, I’m okay with being bi. But somehow if I could choose I would choose lesbian I guess cause i connect way more with women and cannot imagine going back to dating cis het men

  3. I realized I was bi when I was 28 years old. Now I’m 31 and in a same sex relationship for a year. It’s never too late to explore. I have friends who found out even later in life that they are queer :)

  4. My girlfriend and I said it after being together for 3 month for the first time. And we just say it every now and then, maybe 2 times a month. I say it more often, but it’s okay for me cause she is just not the kind of person saying it often.

  5. Für mich wäre es so, dass ich keine Lust habe jemanden zu Daten, dem dann nach drei Monaten auffällt, dass er ja doch keine feste Beziehung will. Aber auch genauso anders herum: wird es mir als just for fun verkauft und dann will er plötzlich eine Langzeitbeziehung, dann fände ich es auch uncool.

  6. I don’t know if this is just about men. The majority of people in a relationship fantasize about having sex with someone else than their partner. And often it’s someone who is different to their partner. So maybe this is not a „bi thing“ but just normal for being human and a monogamous relationship?

  7. Most bi people find out between 20-30, so 21 seems to be early actually;)

  8. What is this thing with lemon bars? I always read it but where does it come from? :D can you explain?

  9. No idea where it started, it's just something that gets memed like you're bisexual if you do or like x thing such as bisexuals not sitting straight.

  10. Same for me. Neeeever ever would I sit „normal“ :D

  11. That it doesn’t mean I cannot be content/happy in a monogamous relationship.

  12. Exactly. That's like saying you can't be content with only dating an archaeologist because you're also attracted to some plumbers.

  13. Haha, yeeees! Wonderful comparison! For other people it might be important what is between someone’s legs, but I never got this importance. Other things make the difference for me

  14. Do it as if it is the most delicious thing in world. Use your hands aswell. Keep everything wet. Use your lips aswell, not just your tongue.

  15. Lass dir nichts erzählen. Slutshaming ist ein echtes Problem, hat mich auch schon erwischt. Jeder soll das tun wozu er*sie Lust hat, solange es niemand anderem schadet.

  16. I tried going to the lgbt resource center in our city for the men’s support group thing. They assumed I was the maintenance guy. I don’t hit folks gaydar until I’m enjoying music. 🤷‍♂️

  17. As an indecisive person I always feel a little attacked by the 'bisexuals aren't indecisive ' meme.

  18. I‘m also indecisive. Told my gf the other day that I don’t know how to decide on a topic. She asked me if I wanted her help. Me: I don’t know. See the problem? :D

  19. Love that you compare it with food - I ALWAYS compare everything with food :D „Just because I like Brokkoli doesn’t mean everyone likes Brokkoli. And just because I didn’t like brusselsprouts as a child, doesn’t mean I still don’t like them…“ 😄👌

  20. Actually I don’t miss it. I‘m a bi women in a relationship with another women. I‘ve never been the greatest fan of fellatio. With some men I enjoyed it but more because they enjoyed it. It never was that I thought „oh now I would like to suck a dick“.

  21. Seit den Kindern bin ich morgens in 🪣, dann als erstes Kalt duschen und der Tag ist der Hammer.

  22. Ich bin ab und zu Eisbaden gegangen, das war auch immer toll

  23. Unter der Woche schaff ichs produktiv... Aufstehen um 5, um 5:45 sitz ich in der Straßenbahn und les, 6:10 Uhr beginne ich zu arbeiten. Habe Gleitzeit und bin bis ca 08:30 Uhr komplett alleine im Büro, ist meine produktivste Zeit des Tages. Wenn ich frei hab: Irgendwann ausm Bett sterben und den ganzen Vormittag vergammeln... zB heute: 3 Stunden Age of Empires

  24. Man kann ja auch produktiv entspannen :)

  25. Ich habe meine Freundin auf Tinder kennen gelernt.

  26. I find it so weird: when straight folks are mono nobody asks if they are afraid of missing out. As if all body’s, boobs, dicks etc were the same. 🙈 I just don’t get it.

  27. I‘m (f) in the other side right now. I have a girlfriend and enjoy sex with women more. But I know if there were a guy and I would fall for him, sex with him would be best because the feelings make the difference. :)

  28. Marketing lügt selten. Man legt den Fokus nur entsprechend.

  29. hrunalaug hot spring-early in the morning or late at night you might get it to yourself. we did. we ll remember it forever

  30. Hrunalaug is amazing! We had a little house closeby and it was amazing. One evening we had it just for ourselves during a storm and later under the moonlight, it was magical

  31. The trek to Solheimas Plane Wreck, you can get the shuttle - but if dressed appropriately then do the walk.

  32. The plane wreck, that’s a cool place! Been there two years ago 🙌

  33. Irgendwie fühl' ich mich nutzlos, weil ich im Leben tatsächlich noch keine gute Entscheidung getroffen habe 💀

  34. Vielleicht braucht es ja keine „krasse“ Entscheidung sein. Bei mir war es nichts mit Geld, Karriere, Heirat oder so. Bei mir war es die Entscheidung, dass meine Mama für mich Prio hat, als sie schwer krank wurde.

  35. Alles richtig was du tust. Du musst deinen eigenen Weg gehen. Als ich ausgezogen bin, bin ich erst 200 km weiter weg gezogen und dann 500 km weit weg.

  36. What do you mean by normal? Normal in the sense of being heterosexual and having those thoughts? Or normal as being bi and having those thoughts? ;)

  37. Zahnseide fast jeden Abend, putzen morgens und abends, manchmal zwischendurch. Zahnbürste wechseln alle paar Monate außer ich nutze sie nur zeitweise (z.B Zahnbürste, die ich bei meiner Freundin habe)

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