1. Ah. I think you and I experience much the same thing. I have light and sound sensitivity, tinnitus, struggle focusing, and have periods of dissociation. I do have some physical issues but not unbearable.

  2. My doctor and I did suspect migraines for a while. I tried ubrelvy but it did nothing for me. Advil also does nothing. Magnesium and B-2 have done nothing. And my episodes don’t seem to follow a migraine pattern (aura and then headache), but instead seem to follow a PEM pattern (exercise or overstimulation and then mix of symptoms). So I went back to thinking it was just long COVID weirdness. Who knows.

  3. I do, and it turned out that covid left me with massive brain/neuroimflammation. Everything for MS and TBI patients helped me too. You practically want to do everything to help your body fight this stupid inflammation.

  4. I like Home Sweet Home, either location! They’ve always taken excellent care of my dogs. The west location even drove one of them to an emergency vet in Olathe on a Sunday.

  5. My dog got kennel cough at the East location last week. I wouldn't recommend going there right now. My vet said kennel cough is really going around right now, so it might be best to find someone from Rover to watch your dog instead of taking them to a crowded boarding place.

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