1. even if these are fan made, it’s miles better than the ACTUAL eras tour graphic that’s been printed on virtually everything

  2. I'm driving to Arizona specifically because Paramore is opening. I'm going HARD.

  3. 8/10, would be a fun song on tour. love the glitter gel pen songs on lover!

  4. i don’t know why but red as Coca Cola in a glass bottle just fits

  5. Legitimately don’t understand where WCS is in this thread????

  6. bro I didn’t even think of that. new song to sprint from my troubles to

  7. Clean HITS when you are running and it’s raining/sprinkling

  8. Update: first of all, thanks everyone for your replies! vet examined her and said that it is probably some fungal infection such as aspergillosis. He prescribed some medicines but also said that it could be a long and hard treatment.

  9. So sorry for her, you did your best. It’s hard. 🫶🏼

  10. my all time favorite, as Taylor said: it’s happy, free, confused, lonely, devastated, euphoric, and wild. those attributes are what make Red my favorite, cause you can listen to it in any mood,and you can relate to it!

  11. One of my favourites from 1989! I love everything about it. And controversial opinion, but Wonderland >>> New Romantics.

  12. I honestly think the only way she should handle this is by doing represses of different variants. Meaning, release regular ol’ Red TV, but in a clear and red pinwheel. Or Lover, but in pink and blue splatter, so on and so forth. That way, RSD is limited to things that only vinyl collectors will be willing to wait in line for and it won’t make it a total blood bath. However, new releases, such as LPSS or 3am should really be released on her web page as a limited time preorder (leaving the window open for a week or so) so they can gauge interest and press accordingly.

  13. this. having a Taylor’s version twist in the original rsd red pressing would be iconic. or a pink and blue splatter for lover, it gives vinyl collectors to want. and no shade to the long pond sessions, but I’m bummed that we didn’t get a different pressing for any other album. i get why though, this subreddit would be up in flames in she released another midnights variant. but love your point, I couldn’t agree more!

  14. Turns out I'm living in a horror film where I'm both the killer and the final girl

  15. I think it’s about( and maybe from an interview) that they’re pressing their face against the glass to escape the outside world, or from current world problems( which is what the album is mainly about). They want to be let in

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