1. Were you able to give it an oil batch and do a spring bar change from the top comment?

  2. Not really hehehe! But watch looks greater everyday! Used it yesterday!

  3. Heard the bezel and dial are off from gen. Anywhere to find gen dial and bezel replacement?

  4. Tbh it looks amazing! The ONLY problem I have is the bracelet. Different tone! Bothers me a bit

  5. Just demand someone get them for you for your birthday. The SSR80x (e before blah blah) is my GO TO birthday present for people. Who usually open them and are really confused and I'm like "SHUT UP YOU DONT LOVE ME ENOUGH JUST LISTEN TO THEM"

  6. I like them so much that I have them twice. Just in case.

  7. Thing is... Ive had them for a while... I have to do that everytime I want to use them. Kind of a hasle.

  8. Trump was a great pres. Got the economy to a pick that also affected positively the DR. Policy wise, Trump has been one of the best. Record low unemployment rate for hispanics, blacks. Great policies to bring American companies back to American soil. Bringing jobs. As a business guy from DR I enjoyed the prosperity his period experienced.

  9. Ive had it for a month from Geek. Its looks amazing! My boss said, β€œI’m paying you too much”. 😝😝

  10. HAHAHAHAHA DUDE IM IN A HOSPITAL! Dont make me laugh like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Sometimes if I get stuck in a really roundabout frustrating "discussion" (read: argument) I'll just take a peek to see what I'm dealing with. 90% of the time I say "Ohhhhhhhhhh he has a waifu and studies the blade while listening to Jordan Peterson books on tape... it all makes sense now."

  12. Eh we may share different opinions on Peterson, that's all good. I think you know what I mean though by checking out a profile and just being like ohhhhhhh why am I talking to you?

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