1. 100 miles over your first weekend is alot. So yes, everything is going to be sore, especially your butt.

  2. The 100 miles was over about 3 weeks so I’m definitely nowhere near that pace yet but every ride feels better. I’m going to try a 30 mile ride this week, longest so far was 22.

  3. Yes, you will be sore in all those areas. If you’re still sore in any areas after 2 months of regular rides (at least 3x week, at least 1 hour per ride), then you might look at the equipment you have and the bike fit. Poor bike fit can definitely cause soreness in the shoulders, knees, back, elbows. Etc.

  4. Thank you! We are leaving a car at the lake house and driving the bikes home. The ride there is down the Niagara escarpment, so the ride home would be up and I’m not about that yet!

  5. I hate every form of exercise I tried until I bought a bike. Now I love riding and the workout part is just a bonus.

  6. Loved banquet meals as a student. 5 for $5 back in the day.

  7. When I first moved out of my parents house Banquet dinners kept me alive.

  8. So this program is PARTIALLY funded by the CDBG from HUD, and to be eligible streets need to be in certain, sometimes nonsensical census tracts. That can impact what gets funded.

  9. I live within walking distance of 2 amazing pizzerias and it’s SO easy to just walk over and grab a slice when I have a craving. Or 2 slices. Or a slice and 5 breadsticks. So I make all sorts of semi-pizza creations to curb my cravings. These were delicious, mostly owing to those spicy, greasy cup pepperoni. I rode my bike 23 miles yesterday so it was a bigger eating day than normal for me and I added a late night snack to my meal plan. Or as Taco Bell would put it, a Fourth Meal.

  10. Thomas’ mini bagels. Built in portion control with real bagel taste.

  11. It’s strange but I LOVE the way iceberg lettuce tastes. Seriously it’s one of my favorite foods.

  12. Chicken finger pita Taco baked potato Chiavetta’s sandwich/ pita

  13. Even with and salt and butter I couldn't get the potatoes to taste very good they were bland and watery tasting. The chicken tasted fine but there was a bit more fat than I'd like and the one drumstick I got was super greasy. The corn was corn and it was good and the brownie was kinda meh.

  14. These meals are a guilty pleasure of mine. Secret to making the potatoes taste good is to mix the corn in with them.

  15. When my office orders sub trays for meetings or parties I take everything off the sub roll and put it in a low carb wrap. I get some funny looks but it’s tasty and I still get to participate in group lunches.

  16. I don't think that DC100 is doable. There is not enough dmg for DDTs!

  17. I use real, freshly grated parmesan in my dishes with red sauce. It’s a pretty pungent cheese so a little goes a long way. Just be sure to weigh portions.

  18. Yeah texture is still great just gotta boil it 20+ mins to get there

  19. Does it taste any different? I'm on my last couple packs of the old stuff and have a box of the new stuff I'll be breaking into in the next couple weeks. I recently discovered I like it a lot more in cold pasta salads than in hot dishes so it's been a part of my meal prep routine and I'm afraid of losing a good thing!

  20. It tastes the same to me, if you like the old stuff you’ll still like the new stuff, just be prepared to cook it a lot longer

  21. I also loved canned potatoes, no shame in it! I mean I love ALL potatoes but I happily eat the canned ones all the time.

  22. I appreciate the cross-section shots. Looks pretty good.

  23. VERY expensive but miles better than powdered peanut butter is

  24. The Korean BBQ Chicken was very good and I have a package of the Peppercorn Steak Tips in the fridge to try so I’ll update. I buy the bottles of General Tso sauce and it’s a great swap for the high sugar stuff. I think generally it’s a really high quality brand (and the price reflects it).

  25. That’s how I cook my eggs too and I always feel like I need to defend them when I post food photos lol

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