1. Oh, mind your business. This will be struck down in the courts after the HoganWillig challenge. Let’s not waste money on OT for county “sanitarians” enforcing this garbage.

  2. Making crust from chicken seems far more insane than say cauliflower.

  3. I’m not avoiding carbs or anything, I just can’t stop myself from buying novel things I see in the freezer section. The chicken-parmesan crust was a dud. Typical spongy processed chicken texture that stayed wet even after baking for 22 minutes. Crust was pretty neutral flavor-wise. I didn’t really taste chicken or cheese in it. Sauce was more like a tomato paste with too much Italian seasoning. Cheese was fine - the browned cheese around the edge was actually pretty good. Pepperoni were excellent and I wish all pizza would go to the superior, spicy, small cupping pepperoni. The pepperoni got this all 4 of its points. I didn’t eat the whole “pizza” but I did eat all the pepperoni.

  4. I had really good luck pressure cooking a turkey breast. Didn’t get crispy skin, but I did brown the skin before cooking to add flavor for the gravy. It’s perfect because you can make the gravy right in the pot with the cooking liquids. I love sous vide but wouldn’t use it for a turkey breast.

  5. I work for BPS in a non educational role and have several friends who are teachers. Teachers are all saying they expect to spend Monday and Tuesday of next week setting students up for remote learning and then go full remote after the holiday. From an operations perspective we haven’t heard anything and are operating as if we are full time in person for the foreseeable future.

  6. I get it but the healthy food has taken over my brain. I actually prefer PB2 and Halo Top to the real thing, and I think Splenda just tastes nice in my tea. I also eat plain turkey and tuna like I'm a feral cat. Sometimes we start to prefer what we get used to.

  7. I genuinely prefer turkey pepperoni over the “real” stuff. Tastes the same to me and doesn’t make my food all greasy.

  8. Possibly the new charter school on South Park? Or increased traffic for Sabres home games? Toronto is here tonight so it gets pretty crazy.

  9. I messaged our councilman, Mitch is always super responsive and if he doesn’t know something he will find out.

  10. The chicken was spongy processed chicken pieces and at least one of them had that nasty gristle crunch which is an immediate turn off. Sauce was bland. Cheese was there visually but I couldn’t taste it. Crust had a good texture out of the microwave but had no flavor or seasoning and there was way too much of it. It does get a point for not oozing all of its contents out onto the plate like every goddamn Hot Pocket I’ve ever made.

  11. Every ingredient is good on its own - sausage is well seasoned and doesn’t dry out, bacon is tasty, egg is fluffy, cheese is sufficiently cheesy and most surprisingly the potatoes have an excellent texture. Frozen potatoes tend to get “mealy” or “gritty” in my experience but these were perfectly potatoey.

  12. Damn that looks so disappointing. Was there at least cheese sauce hidden under the broccoli?

  13. It’s an “off menu” option but Swannie House will make them for you if you request it.

  14. Brah. Any other off menu items I should know? That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Are the fries fresh cut?

  15. Yep - fries are fresh cut. Honestly if the bar isn’t super busy the kitchen will make you almost anything you ask for if they have the ingredients for it. Another good one is fries with brown gravy and cheese. Open roast beef with gravy. Anything as a wrap instead of on a roll which I do a lot. Like I said they’re super accommodating unless they’re slammed (before a Sabres game or concert).

  16. The deli in the basement of city hall is surprisingly good. Great slovacki!

  17. I came here to say this. Though I did like it better before the remodel when you would walk down the line and tell them what you wanted on your sandwich/ wrap. It’s operated by Sue’s NY Deli so the quality is always good.

  18. They also operate the “cafeteria” in the basement of city hall and it’s super good. I don’t work at city hall anymore but still go for breakfast and lunch sometimes.

  19. I saw them too! I wrote down Byron Brown but they offered me a stamp on my way out as souvenir. Nice ladies.

  20. Was everyone at the OFW community center talking about the possible new development? It was the talk of the room when I went

  21. I didn’t hear any chatter at the community center but I stopped in a Gene McCarthy’s and it was the topic of conversation there.

  22. First thing I always recommend is the FREE observation deck at City Hall. The outer open air section was closed for repairs. Can't find when it will reopen or if it already has.

  23. If someone is already at City Hall for the observation deck it’s worth stopping on the 13th floor and checking out council chambers. It’s a really cool space with an incredible stained glass skylight.

  24. would you buy it if it was more than three bucks?

  25. Yeah I’d happily pay $5-$6 for this. I prefer it to DiGiornio and those are always like $6+ by me.

  26. if you can avoid the fact she's an unhinged lunatic who's not fit for public office

  27. *tender dick white men. Get your racist, sexist, vulgar insults right so you can be like India Walton. Oh, and make sure it’s in all caps with no punctuation.

  28. As a former BURA employee, BURA is rotten at the top levels but merely inefficient and bloated at the bottoms levels.

  29. No place is going to be “cheap”. Swannie House has wings for $1/ each on Sunday, multiples of 5, dine in only and cash only. But the wings are good and the atmosphere is pretty cool.

  30. Who is offended by someone else buying and/ or taking a harmless, legal substance? They should probably chill the fuck out.

  31. The potato tastes sufficiently potato-y, but more importantly the texture is really good. It’s soft and fluffy and avoids that horrible, mealy texture that frozen potatoes are prone to. Plenty of delicious cheese and plenty of delicious bacon on a perfect potato pillow. The edges firm up a little even in the microwave to offer contrasting textures. These are delicious and I will probably now keep a box in the freezer at all times.

  32. Cavatappi is clearly the best pasta for mac and cheese, and the texture was perfect al dente. Broccoli was all small florets that maintained a firm but tender texture. Cheese sauce was pretty garlicky, which I like, and was creamy and rich tasting. This comes with a handful of shredded cheese on top when you microwave it, so when you mix that in with the cheese sauce it gives it a great stretchy/ melty factor too. This is a top notch frozen meal.

  33. I live in Upstate New York but I LOVE visiting NYC. I have a lot of family down there. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been and recently I texted my uncle to say I was considering a visit this fall. He knows I’m not vaccinated and basically told me to save my time and money. I am persona non grata in NYC.

  34. Maybe don't adopt a border collie if you have a studio and work 50 hours.

  35. Or if you have young children or other pets, don’t get a fighting breed.

  36. I’ll be honest with you guys, this is the first thing I bought specifically with this sub in mind. I was browsing Dollar General stoned and looking for snacks and when I saw this I figured I’d give it a shot. I didn’t have high expectations but I was kind of hopeful it would taste like high school cafeteria breadsticks so at least it would have nostalgia value. But it misses the mark on that. It’s VERY soft, and the bread stays damp. The bread is bland, with just a tiny hint of garlic. The side split open and leaked some of the cheese. The cheese tasted pretty good and was nice and stretchy/ melty. I wish there was more of it.

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