1. Oh man Boston Market used to have one that was just this mac and cheese and it was my favorite frozen mac and cheese ever. I haven’t seen it in years (in the US). I think the weird flavor some people refer to with it is that they use blue cheese as part of their sauce. Adds a perfect tang to me.

  2. Never boarded a dog locally but have had really good luck with the Rover app. You can find a sitter who can work with your needs.

  3. He was a colleague of mine back when I worked for the city. We’re all beside ourselves.

  4. I just bought a treadmill on their website a couple days ago and I plan on picking it up this week so I'll update. I've heard good things in the past and they were really good about communication when I messaged them.

  5. Well, I’m in southern Buffalo, NY and we’ve been in a travel ban and state of emergency since Thursday evening. Haven’t been able to get to a grocery store and even if I could they’re closed. Probably just make Hamburger Helper with some beef I take out of the freezer 🤷‍♀️

  6. Yep I'm in one of the hardest hit areas, last area under a travel ban, still no plow since this started, easily under 5' of snow.

  7. Trimmed the steak as closely as I could, sous vide to 134F then put in a frying pan with a few sprays of cooking oil, salt and pepper. Boiled the potatoes and mashed them with a tiny bit of butter, skim milk, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

  8. In the Apple Health app if you go to Browse -> Activity and find Resting Energy you should be able to see weekly and monthly averages.

  9. Made a tomato sauce with 210 grams of whole san marzanos I crushed by hand, 1 tb tomato paste, 2 cloves sliced garlic, fresh basil, dried minced shallot, red pepper flakes, 1 tsp garlic infused oil, 1/4 cup (1/2 serving) 4% cottage cheese melted in the microwave, salted pasta water, 66 grams carba-nada lower carb fussili, 8 grams grated parm

  10. Oooh I’ve never seen the carba-nada fussili just fettuccini. Where did you get it?

  11. You look amazing and this is CLEARLY more than just posture! Congrats on your recovery and thanks for the inspiration!

  12. The Daring brand “chicken” is super good. Probably the best fake chicken I’ve had. I found it at Walmart, I’m not sure where else they sell it. I just heated it in a non-stick skillet with a few sprays of oil and then mixed it with some Fiber Gourmet pasta and Classico sauce. Next time I’ll round it out with broccoli to bulk it up but this was honestly genuinely delicious and satisfying as is.

  13. This is adorable and looks delicious! What is your crust recipe?

  14. I’ve had their mac and cheese before and I’ll concede it’s pretty good if you’re going for the blue box, powdered cheese nostalgia mac.

  15. I'm not a vegetarian but I used to be and I still have a soft spot for fake meats. I got this at Walmart for $6 and honestly didn't have super high expectations but it was GOOD. Most unbreaded fake chicken products all have the same weird soy flavor and aftertaste that ruin them for me but these didn't have that at all. They didn't taste like chicken, but they tasted neutral and "meaty" I guess rather than like a soy nugget. The Cajun seasoning had some serious kick - I found it much spicier than most foods labeled "spicy" in the grocery store these days - and it was delicious.

  16. I am your height and you have my goal body. Of course I’m wishing you the best of luck in achieving your goals but you look AMAZING right now.

  17. Nice job on DC100. Today was tough for me, I went down on R96.

  18. Second both of these, centrally located and good selection

  19. I think I’d throw in the towel if Fiber Gourmet went out of business.

  20. Griffin’s in South Buffalo has $0.50 wing Wednesday.

  21. Good find! I’ve tried every low carb wrap and tortilla on the market and this brand is definitely my favorite for flavor/ texture/ nutrition stats.

  22. So much painful cramping in my stomach and abdomen. It was actually painful to the touch.

  23. Consider checking on your gallbladder … which can be thrown out of whack with large and sudden weight loss… and is responsible for producing bile to help digest fat.

  24. That’s a really great point thank you. I haven’t been to my PCP since my weight loss so I haven’t had a chance to discuss any concerns with her. My mom had her gallbladder removed when I was pretty young so I’m familiar with what she was up against.

  25. Buffalo Distilling on Seneca Street in the Larkin District.

  26. Before, literally nothing. Totally sedentary just restricting calories.

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