1. Conservative doesn't mean you need to be an asshole. Canada and Canadians support people being whomever they want to be regardless of the party they support. As long as you stay over there and be who you want just leave me over here and let me be who I want. Just because you don't know all the acronyms doesn't mean anything. No one expects you to know it all. Just don't be an ass that's all anyone expects.

  2. Liberals have spent 7 years making it very clear they salivate over the chance at divisive vilification of conservatives in order to scare NDP voters into voting Liberal.

  3. Our media and politicians are absolutely evil and hell bent on the destruction of our society. This narrative blowing up right at the height of the election is no coincidence, and the countless arsoned churches this manufactured hysteria caused is absolutely despicable.

  4. Genghis Khan slowly backs out of the room hoping no one notices him and blames it all on Christians, next to him are the Bantu, Ottomans, and even the Aztecs.

  5. ChatGPT can’t wash away the last vestiges of the humanities degrees fast enough.

  6. The people who wrote the humanities degrees also wrote ChatGPT.

  7. I expect there's a few lost souls from the humanities who managed to successfully pivot to tech.

  8. ah this is the sub for “everyone but me is dumb” type sheltered leftists

  9. He’s suffering from old age frontal lobe loss. This causes him to say stupid things.

  10. Trudeau Foundation member absolves Trudeau of any wrongdoing, and to eliminate any appearance of bias, gets another Trudeau Foundation member to vouch for him.

  11. Each and every answer the turdeau would provide would be:

  12. He backs the govt and lays blame at security establishment. Sounds familiar.

  13. Do I actually believe that CSIS said there was no threat to the sovereignty of Canada and no threat of death?

  14. What pivot? CSIS said there was no emergency threat. The CSIS definition of emergency is based on legislation that defines what constitutes an emergency, which is a threat to Canada’s sovereignty or an imminent threat of physical harm.

  15. It was a nothing story that you people who seem to be obsessed with JT would not let go. And you’re still talking about it. Shut the fuck up already.

  16. lol you don’t even know what the CBC reported, you’re not calling out anything other than that you’re clueless and angry about Trudeau facing repercussions for his actions.

  17. The guy threw his own Justice Minister under the bus, then turns around and lectures other countries about justice.

  18. Your comments here shows that you think most immigrants and refugees here in Canada live in this first world country bring their issues here from outside of Canada.

  19. Oh maybe I misunderstood. Sorry about that....

  20. exactly, many Ukrainians and Russians will have friction in Canada because of multi-generational history of conflict.

  21. Oh no not the birthplace of fascism complaining about the free world.

  22. lol Trudeau indemnified the banks against lawsuit for freezing the assets of protestors.

  23. yeah, believe or not, not everyone thinks sheltered white 1%-ers who wear blackface for decades of their adult life are formidable champions of diversity.

  24. He's showing awareness of the stigma of being a short male that exists in Korea, by embracing and validating the stigma?

  25. Congratulations you're a supporter of sex Ed and there's no point injecting politics into it unless you have something to gain from kids NOT learning sex Ed.

  26. Leftists have already injected politics into it, that’s the problem. Canada needs charter schools to counter the left’s shameless corruption of school curriculum.

  27. Not worth it. Just downvote and move on from this fool.

  28. Indigenous peoples generally do not live off the land. They rely on Canadian infrastructure for water and such, and they get their food from grocery stores.

  29. Being forced not to drink tap water might actually put them ahead of Canadians lulled into thinking tap water is fine.

  30. Yeah like, making racist comments is not cool, but the lopsided-ness in how tis handled drives me up the wall.

  31. It seems really uncomfortable for the media to acknowledge racism against white people, but also extremely uncomfortable to NOT acknowledge racism from white people.

  32. And yet you think I had a point to the degree that you keep coming back troll

  33. You're right. My fault for not treating you like the unredeemable human garbage you outwardly appear to be.

  34. This is the stupidest thing I have heard all week, and I watched the debate yesterday.

  35. Sorry, what did they claim fireworks have to do with the Chinese Immigration Act or Canada's First nations?

  36. Maybe because the guy in the article didn't actually kill the police officer. He was a passenger who took hold of an unattended steering wheel while the vehicle was in operation.

  37. Saw a video on reddit of a 12 year old who was able to stop a school bus when the wheel was unattended.

  38. It's encouraging that the university is going to host.

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