1. Do they show the exact probabilities? I know it says <1% but 0.05% and 0.000000000000000000001% are astronomically far apart.

  2. I always felt like that should be illegal

  3. Every day another train does not sound fun, a trip that only an AI could enjoy!

  4. Yep and every time you have to check out in the morning and check in in the afternoon, sitting on your luggage the whole day when you want to be going out instead.

  5. I play the whole match usually because i need 8g anyway and i don't want to play 8 matches

  6. Thank god. Kinda uncomfortable just tucking my elbows and holding it straight up lmao

  7. It can take a while until you get comfortable holding up the controller the whole time, but eventually you'll have figured out a comfortable way to drive with guro and it will be no problem at all.

  8. I learned how to use it playing Burn out Paradise.

  9. I mean i was pretty good with stick back during the original gt on ps1, but after getting used to gyro i can never go back

  10. Both a dip in form and him being very close with Erdogan, which earned him a lot of criticism in Germany, which he then blamed on racism.

  11. Season 1 was excellent, s2 was alright, I stopped a few eps into s3. The concept was great but feels like it has overstayed its welcome like slasher movie series do.

  12. I get what you mean, but i would also watch 4 seasons of a smaller movie series

  13. my parents were very excited about it

  14. Kahn was a more interesting character than neuer, but neuer without a doubt is the greatest keeper of all time for me.

  15. Ich finde die App, die aus einem wrapper um die Website besteht, ziemlich gut. Da finde ich alles genau da, wo es auch im online Banking zu finden ist. Ich hoffe die App wird nicht irgendwann zu Gunsten der neuen App gekillt

  16. Ibra, he was never one of the greatest, but what he lacked he made up for with his controversial personality to make sure people talked about him

  17. Ich glaube das war einfach extrem unnötiger und unpassender Sarkasmus.

  18. Wieso? Den ganzen Tag auf ein Baby aufzupassen ist viel Arbeit. Da fühlt sich ins Büro zu gehen wie Pause machen an.

  19. Fühle ich - Wochenende wo ich den Großteil der Arbeit für unsere zwei Kleinen übernehme ist für mich anstrengender als 45h Woche im Büro. Da kann ich mich nämlich konzentrieren und bekomme etwas geschafft. Mit Kiddies bist du permanent am gucken und machen - zwar meist mit niedriger Intensität, aber trotzdem immer gefordert.

  20. Bei uns ist es auch so, dass ich mich am Wochenende ums Baby kümmer, damit meine Frau Mal Zeit für sich hat.

  21. This is totally why people will purposely not promote in div rivals.

  22. As someone who chilled in div 6-8 for most of the year (because I hate squad battles with a passion and did all objectives in rivals), I finally decided to get promoted, and let me tell you that it did not get any harder in div 5, 4, 3. It's the same level of skill everywhere.

  23. I have been using papin for quite a while, he's definitely a lot faster than my 97 pace lozano

  24. I find questions like this rather baffling. There are many ways to tax people, and since we all want public infrastructure to work we will find new ways if necessary to collect money to pay for them.

  25. The thing is governments don't just generate funds through taxes but also thorough printing money. It would be interesting to see how they will deal with not being able to do the later anymore.

  26. What's the difference in the helmet? I just checked, I have the certified one - didn't even realize there was a similar one.

  27. Only the certified sweatsaver has the hard foam, which provides multiple magnitudes more protection

  28. 1 when it comes to creating page templates, you specify the distance to the element and the line height of the element

  29. On the contrary, i wish it would take less than 4-5 clean tackles to win the ball

  30. Online Draft isn't worth playing unless you're an Elite player. Just do the Offline on Beginner and go afk. You get no better rewards than playing it on Ultimate. Just less match coins.

  31. I'm a 11w WL player and i get 3-4 wins in draft regularly. Definitely don't have to be an elite player.

  32. Kidding right? I did close to 150 picks and highest i got was gold Kane. The closesr to kane was TAA. Rest of them all between 83-85 max.

  33. I think i got a Kroos or five out of them

  34. Davies, Mazraoui, Pavard, Lucas and now Cancelo

  35. I think pavard is gone in the summer. And i could see Davies leaving if the Madrid rumors are true

  36. Whenever i an playing off, i remind myself to play slower. Do more little movements. Play simple passes, do some tiki taka. Only use the sprint button for short bursts. Wait for openings patiently. It's too easy to get frustrated when I'm losing sprints that i should be easily winning. But some days the gameplay doesn't work like that and i can't force it.

  37. In terms of quality, i find the UEFA 5 year rankings ist accurate. As for entertainment, thats a completely different story.

  38. Did defenders and got TOTY Courtois.

  39. Didn't get anything from all my saved packs but then got Toty VDS from a 83+ defenders from an objective

  40. We actually need a lot more SBCS like jutkla or whatever his name is. Anything to dump some dupe 83s/84s is better than discarding them

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