1. My grandma is one. She was incredibly abusive, manipulative, and down right creepy with us when we were kids all centered around her idea of “obedience” to Jehovah. Scary shit,

  2. Rocket exhaust that’s high enough up that it’s in daylight

  3. How do you know that this is properly identified as a rocket? Or just a guess?

  4. Because these exact same pictures are posted every month when there is a scheduled launch. Not a guess, it’s a fact.

  5. not everyone is on the internet constantly. Which is why I asked for clarification.. no need to be condescending.

  6. You spread good vibes in many of your other posts…you got to follow Billy around Europe FFS!! Obviously it’s the internet, and ppl shouldn’t take things too seriously…but this comment adds nothing but negative energy. Why even bother?

  7. All I said was yawn and look at the desperately nasty replies I got. Maybe my comment was off color, but it really just allowed tribe fans to project some supremely negative behavior too. “Someone said something I didn’t like, so now I must trash them” shows a lot of negative energy coming from tribe fans too…

  8. I understand that. I also assume you’re smart enough to know what reactions you were going to get. Commenting “yawn” instigated their nastiness. Surely you can see that? Would you react the same if someone said “yawn” about Billy (unlikely, but possible!)

  9. certainly, could have not commented. And I accept that. But what did I really say…? if a simple “yawn” instigates that level of petty nastiness, I don’t think it’s really about what I said. If those are the responses people have to literally one of the most harmless of comments not to mention it was incredibly vague to begin with, and certainly not directed at anyone personally than it’s clearly projection on the behalf of the people reading and reacting to it. They had an emotional and personal response to something completely non-threatening and impersonal.

  10. The new merch and quality is exceedingly low. It’s really a shame cause people spend a lot of those items.

  11. No my argument was that simply approaching someone quickly isn't justification for lethal force.

  12. I didn’t justify anything, you’re having an emotional response to the video and projecting that on to me.

  13. "This is why you don’t run up on people for any reason" which looks an awful lot like a justification. Or a least the start of one. Thank god I live in a country where that doesn't need to be said.

  14. Thanks! Strange bc I didn’t order anything from them lol

  15. Ahh could be? Mom has gotten me Dave’s Picks in the past, maybe she remembered lol

  16. Don’t go asking anyone in your family! You might give away the surprise!! I hope it’s epic whatever it is.

  17. Dude was hitting a massive stride pre-Covid but completely slowed down in the last two years both creatively and live artistically.

  18. Honestly, probably Coachella at this point. Billy is a bigger draw now and his team is doing everything they can to push him into a massive mainstream spotlight.

  19. They play every song in reverse and open a Star Gate where each and every past member of every great American band of all time then appears on stage and replaces Billy and the guys, but then it turns into the set of Soul Train and people are dancing everywhere.

  20. That’s kinda lame that we can’t make miracle posts. I gifted about 6 tickets to Glasgow/Manchester on this sub and feel that I truly didn’t have a better option to reach that many people otherwise.

  21. I’m sure something will work out in the future, but FUCK the bad actors that ruin the good parts of the community for others.

  22. There’s almost no way they will play in Canada. They have strict rules for entering and people with a simple DUI on their record can’t enter the country from the USA so that pretty much cuts out 85% of their fan base and perhaps many of the road crew as well.

  23. Trey Band plays a LOT OF versions of Phish songs with more soul and well rounded musicianship that phish does. Thats not to say that phish isn’t well rounded and technical, but there’s a difference between technical skill and “soul” in music.

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