1. Imk butinai smokingą, ne tiesiog kostiumą. Jie žymiai prabangiau ir gražiau atrodo!

  2. Tu is pradziu susizinok, kokiom progom jis nesiojamas

  3. tl dr. idomu kaip jam sekas su Andriuha Pauliuha sportuot:)))

  4. no, u are a medic. get it??? bc of ur flag!!! ha ha HA!

  5. Nepatariu, nes nusipirksit ne automobilį, o kompiuterį su ratais ir kastruotu varikliu į kurį tik kišit pinigus.

  6. ofisiniam planktonui tavo zodziai labai nepatiks...

  7. Visi čia kalba apie tvarumą ir apie žalią energiją, tačiau automobilius keičia kas 3-4 metus, kur čia tvarumas? Veidmainiška.

  8. "jei man reikia kazko atsisakyti tai pisau as ta tavo tvaruma nahui"

  9. je ne parle pas baguette oui cest carre ta gueule

  10. but Sweden is Arabic country. why do u ask?

  11. why did Switzerland became a body of water???

  12. You underestimate our power to build water management infrastructure

  13. its something similar to the case when a teacher was killed for criticising Quaran. remember?

  14. Law student here, the most important concept in french family law is called « possession d’état », basically possession of state - from what I can remember, it means if you act like the child’s legitimate father for long enough (5yrs), even if you find out later he isn’t yours, you’re going to be legally considered as such and will have to pay child support ; although if you have reasonable enough suspicion from the get go and don’t act like he’s yours, the only thing a judge can do to force you to take responsibility is to request the dna test. In a nutshell, family law favours the child so much that it doesn’t even matter whether it fucks anyone else up ; and as such it relies on a very performative notion of parenthood. Also, if y’all are married there’s a presumption you’re the father that can only be reversed if you’re able to prove she cheated at the time when she got pregnant.

  15. is it true that if you lazy asses wouldnt be siesting every 3 hours, Sagrada Famillia would be finished in a week?

  16. If we didn’t have to clean up the British bodies after they shoved themselves from a balcony… maybe

  17. grow a pair and shit like a man - standing👍👍👍

  18. What are you doing in 2W4U? Did you get lost after celebrating bronze?

  19. "We're French" as if the guy had asked what country are they from

  20. its like saying "I have learning disabilities" before answering the questions. so that people wont be expecting much

  21. look at his reaction. this yank cant believe that there are people who are smarter that 11 year olds.

  22. Real, gal kazkas paaukojo ir neleido parduoti. Bet kokia esme aukoti tada, mano manymu galetu parduoti, vie tiek kainuoja apie 150k ir panaudoti tikrai naudingesniem tikslam.

  23. tu gyvenime tiek saibu neturesi, bet jau zinai, kaip tas saibas panaudot. redditor moment

  24. Take notes, record the meetings/calls in which your colleagues explain stuff to you. And of course do your homework after work: google, read, youtube stuff that you dont know. Dont learn only during working hours

  25. :DDDD rimtai :DDD. Tipo cia ne zmogus kaltas, kad negali pasakyti "Ne", o kazkokie vaikai :D redditor moment

  26. Yra daug zmoniu su labai stipriu ir ne visada pageidaujamu poreikiu itikti kitiems, ir jiems legit buna sunku kazkam pasakyti "ne".

  27. "Ne" yra toks pat lygiavertis atsakymas kaip "Taip".

  28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbOcHVtzCWQ

  29. Na didingi protai sakė kad 2 metus gyvens tie kas skiepijasi. Viskas sutampa. Man dar liko +-2mėn

  30. eik dar maximos kasininkei arbatos palik :DDD

  31. swim in ma own bin... peak br*tish way to relax

  32. ngl shes kinda hot. Since when did swedish girls became hot?

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