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  1. It’s not down, Travis just pivoted into cheap, low volume, low margin watches so because the price is now closer to his new goal he’s actually up by this metric.

  2. yeah tonylogic, if you get to 10% that's really good, even if you had built your expenses around the 100%.

  3. I wonder how the tugging landscape is looking out on the beach there. The graph shows Tiny how persistent tugging over time will expand his business. Before long Tug Piece Gentleman will be a global empire.

  4. Its a chart on how a ponzi scheme needs to expand to keep going.

  5. Bets on how many days does the 30 day fitness challenge last?

  6. I agree but I don't think his equity was worth anything at the point of the final buyout agreement. My guess is that he was paid out based on whatever he brought to the table over the years which an actual cash/market value could be assigned to.

  7. The current gc llc is gentleman timepieces llc, it got renamed and the tax thing cleared in the registry. You might ask why bother and i got no solid answer, obviously the accounting and tax stuff had to be cleared anyway to not have the state look further into the books(which apparently did take months to clear). So anyway the old llc entity did go to gc guys and wasn't dissolved(dissolving could've have been a mess like said withoult clearing the accounting and taxes).

  8. I mean social media itself is a business and you’d be surprise how many people feel inclined to buy since people enjoy their content. The more drama the better. I recently got into watches through TPG and said to myself (before the drama) that I’d buy a watch from these guys.

  9. It works to a point. It could've worked before they started pivoting to some degree. To fund a reasonable living for marco and tony kind of a degree. Now if you just watch the content or even if you followed his IG how you'd tell if he just quit or if it was some content thing again.

  10. What happened to the inside of Coach’s thumb? Possibly overdid it on the recent tugboat tour stop in San Francisco?

  11. what happened to the whole hand, jesus

  12. Has there been an update about the ‘coaching clients’, aside from Zee? Paying him $50k to be mentored by a walking business disaster might not have been the best idea, but most of those guys must be pretty pissed by now?

  13. Why the f would anyone in their senses in coaches situation use an american psycho reference? oh yeah it's coach, being accused of being delusional psycho it makes perfect sense to post an I'm winning photo of a delusional psycho who doesn't know whats real and whats not anymore - like you can't make these choices up it's so bizarre shit.

  14. Anthony sloppiness here indicates this will end much sooner than anyone thinks. Seems he doesn’t care much more about the channel.

  15. I was asking what tini thinks he’s owed from a vaporware business. He took the “brand” with him (which is in the toilet) and there were/are no assets at all. Rented this, leased that, consigned the other.

  16. Yes logically gc could've just as easily abandoned the gentleman timepieces llc and just made a new one.

  17. Did anyone else notice the drinks poured on the boat...And Anthony had one. Does this mean he's back on the sauce?

  18. if he is the next meltdown will be more epic, like batman epic.

  19. I think Marcos robbery was 100% real with how much Anthony was mocking him with 'id never let that happen to me' shit. And that day, I remember Marco didn't do a IG post of him traveling, he was trying to be safe and not tell ppl he has 1MM+ in watches... But he didn't keep good eye on his surroundings and didn't push to keep the watches in the jewelry store's safe.

  20. the instant milking could be either way.

  21. I think both robberies probably real. Or real-Ish. I think the first robbery they probably overstated what was stolen and I am sure the second robbery Coach way understated what was stolen. He lost the lot in the second robbery in my opinion. Why else the knee jerk $1m reward

  22. the 1 mil reward could just be because nobody is going to get caught, possibly to milk a little bit of 15 minutes of fame. but the tv was already bored with him by then or figured out that it's a little bit of too much crack cocaine crazy to say 20k and then 1 mil reward.

  23. Unfortunately there isn't like any youtuber who would have made an up to speed video on the whole thing yet or a recap so explaining how, there's no mr snowflake or internet historian or spencer cornelia or any of that kind of longer form docu-recap done on them yet.

  24. Sorry could u dumb this down for me a titch, idk what slipping direction limit switches are and the end of the second paragraph didn’t really make sense in my head. Thanks

  25. While printing if the limit switch is activated that prevents the firmware from moving that axis in the direction of the limit switch. this results in observable shift to the other direction.

  26. so while my print was going clicking the switch did nothing, what’s that mean, i moved the wire so it wasn’t directly touching the stepper and I think it helped but i’m not 100% sure that that is what did it or if I just got lucky.

  27. well clicking the switch should've done it I think, certainly holding it down, if it was what was your problem. so unfortunately it's still a mystery(or maybe you got lucky clicking it, needs to be when that axis is moving to the direction of the switch.

  28. From the Penthouse to the Public Storage, baby! Honestly, I am starting to think that the Tugger was evicted from the Penthouse and did not choose to leave on his own as he is portraying in the video. He was so rushed to find a new office ASAP that he signed a lease on the very first building he saw. If the move out of the Penthouse was planned as he is claiming don't you think he would have taken his time in finding a new place so he didn't screw up again? Then he claims that a bunch of guys showed up at the Penthouse that "looked sketchy" and "probably had guns". This gives the Tugger the alibi he needs to justify moving out of the Penthouse to his followers. The Tugger has done scumbag shit like this a dozen times before(facebook group, the fake charities, Marco robbery, home invasion, etc) and I think this is his most recent scam and he is trying to cover up that he was unable to pay the rent at the Penthouse.

  29. "If the move out of the Penthouse was planned as he is claiming don't you

  30. They exist and can be purchased but very expensive. Have not seen anyone DIY it yet.

  31. some university students did an inverted kossel (moving bed kossel) trial like a decade ago.

  32. That clown on the far right has one of those punchable faces. Is this Anthony's "security detail"? Why do they always have drinks in their hands? Is that the same idiot who flagged the other d-bags with his AR when they were gearing up for the Penthouse raid? GI Georgio.

  33. Duh if you haven't noticed tonys crew tends to do a bit of daytime dabbling with the drinky drink.

  34. Wow. Coach did not even stop to by to see his seed. This shouldn’t be shocking that coach is a dead beat dad. Pathetic.

  35. he also has to have the camera app in 'mirror' mode because otherwise the screen confuses him.

  36. It's okay if you have lots of random metal brackets, a hacksaw and bolts.

  37. I’m really thinking at this point Tiny does gay porn or some type of online debauchery for income. Darbz is the producer/editor or the other guy Brian films too. Lizzard is probably somehow involved with promoting or has only fans type account her herself. There’s no way in hell Tiny and crew make the money they portray to have just off selling a few used watches lol.

  38. Do they have one floor orvthe whole place because the whole place would be $15-20,000 a month.

  39. I don't get these prices. Is it because its on the beach?

  40. do you have a cooling fan? also do your z rods spin around.

  41. How would you orientate them? I printed these two side by side as they are with a brim. A raft might be more stable along with slower print speed.

  42. you can also just add anchor circles in tinkercad to have control of the brim

  43. It counts for paying membership fees.

  44. On the island of the blind, the one eyed troll is king.

  45. This, but also check slicer settings for z offset.

  46. Yeah its pretty tough, I’m not sure how hard the nozzle should be pressing against the piece of paper. Should I feel the nozzle pressing against the paper when moving it around?

  47. How far you set it depends on whats your z offset in slicer for first layer. a sliding paper is fine but if the slicer thinks the nozzle was calibrated to 0.0mm that will have it too high.

  48. It has been rolling down the hill for a while now, all it needs is to reach a cliff

  49. I’m in the group as well. Came from a dealer I’ve done many deals with. No surprises with Tony and the crew trying anything for views.

  50. well anything else than to do anything legit and actually interesting.

  51. billy could say on the announcement that he is glad he has the experience from the fyre and that it taught him a lot and that he is actually relieved that his house of cards fell.

  52. Something happened to one guy once? Better base my whole life around that.

  53. My roomie(shared kitchen/shower university housing kind of a deal) died just as he had his life setup and was moving out to move in with his girlfriend. We didn't see him for a while and we thought nothing of it, then one day his chinese family was behind the door and explained what had happened and lived in his room for couple of days while sorting things out.

  54. The comments are so incredibly offensive. Literally everything he says is a lie. He can’t help himself but to say it’s nighttime when it’s daytime or vice versa. While flexing on IG, it’s not about flexing on IG. Right after losing $1M (allegedly), going broke, and risking his friends livelihoods who took a chance with him - posting flex pics of his leased cars (leased or not, you’re an asshole) to show off his wealth. What?

  55. Honestly i'm relieved i can't pay you what we agreed! Such a relief.

  56. Lol. Why they have tiny in the group? They know he is a liar about business and is a doxer who has meltdowns, so have fun with him having undisclosed recordings or needing to wait him to send you money while the watch is at a gym session.

  57. Yea I thought so, just a coincidence. Is this salvageable? The actual metal in the connector looks fine but i have no way to secure the wire now. This is a silent motherboard, so I have some spares but I would prefer to use this one

  58. It's salvageable probably if it still works.

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