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  1. PHILLY - ISO tix for the July 10 show, me and a couple friends are making the trip to the city of brotherly love. Thanks in advance! ☝️

  2. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own? It was two-tired.

  3. Commenting for vis - although I won't be attending tonight's show, I did this for a fella at their Wrigley run last weekend, dude was eternally grateful and so stoked after I sent him the tracking # for his poster.

  4. Haha ok, wasn’t sure if it was the other way around

  5. Can anyone say what time the merch stand with posters opens?

  6. Heard it from the mouth of the merch stand: opens at noon, get in line by 11 if you want to secure a poster… zeb love sold out in the first hour after the stand opened, bananas

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