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  1. During the met gala this year I did a comparison photo of Kim vs Marilyn and Kris vs Jackie with a paragraph write up on the imagery/choice of fashion and it was removed for low effort.

  2. This alone convinces me that the Karjenners have the mods in their back pockets. I won’t go as far to say that mods are paid by them because we all know they hire interns without compensation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they use legal jargon to strike the fear of god in them. Or I could see an intern infiltrating and modding this sub.

  3. We were robbed of our usual June weather, so we're just making up for it now.

  4. People on the sub had said it was canceled because of hurricane ida

  5. Her botox looks so bad. Y’all go on Facebook and join the BOTOX DYSPORT (side effects) group… That will scare you out of ever getting Botox or fillers again 😭😆 I know it did my ass

  6. Tissue boxes make dust come out when you pull a tissue so that you sneeze more and use more tissues

  7. I still haven’t seen the ingredients. I spent a few moments looking on their Instagram but I didn’t dig deep. I’m fairly well-versed in the vitamin/supplement world and there is a lot of horseshit there that I can spot from outer space at this point. If there’s no third-party testing that’s all I need to know right off the bat.

  8. I was shocked more by the eyebrows on the premiere episode. She's so pretty, someone needs to mention something.

  9. Bad Botox, I can relate lol. Not much you can do but play the waiting game until it wears off.

  10. Snap a pic of your nipple and crop it for a little color square and then go match in Sephora. I hope you love it.

  11. Holy shit my life is forever changed. I’ve been looking for the perfect nude/pink shade for years to no avail. You are a godsend, OP!

  12. the fact that she's now getting runway opportunities with literally 0 merit makes my blood boil

  13. Fashion opportunity with an extremely problematic and racist brand that no other celeb would touch with a 10 foot pole. Bottom of the barrel.

  14. I’ve thought the same thing. I once asked her during live how she was brought back to Minnesota from being trafficked living in Mexico and able to live out a somewhat normal high school life. She read my question but didn’t really answer it and and moved on quickly. I hate to question someone who talks about something so traumatic and horrific that has happened to them, but it seems a little off…

  15. Poor thing, staying at home in pajama pants and playing with makeup.

  16. Anyone with body dysmorphia wouldn’t regret it, including them. It drives them to do more and more tweaks. It’s an addiction.

  17. Bruh I’ve been saying this for long but sometimes we don’t need to see every new social media posts that the girls or their close circle friends make on here. 😭 like idc what foodgod’s cousin mom dog posted

  18. We love a hypocritical queen who practices performative sustainability & has posted eating McDonald’s french fries on SM. 🙄

  19. This is current, she just hasn't had as much work as everyone wants to think she does lmao I been saying this

  20. I have Covid right now for the first time and all I can say is holy crap. It is ten times worse than I even expected.

  21. Couldn’t agree more. I had it for the first time two weeks ago and it kicked my ass. Still dealing with a lot of lingering symptoms. It’s no joke.

  22. I have checked the list for every symptom in severity. I am praying the paxlavoid kicks in soon or I’m going to the hospital.

  23. Same here. Now I’m dealing with sinus issues, headaches, acid reflux, severe brain fog, and dizziness. The worst is the brain fog. It’s a bitch.

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