1. Stepping away from runway was best for her. She looks happy and healthy.

  2. She got older and has lost baby fat (22 vs 27 I think). Could just be her face maturing.

  3. We’re about the same age, my face started doing this at 25ish.

  4. 100+ votes for someone who said masks cause cancer. I’m embarrassed for this sub but at the same time I’m not surprised.

  5. Side eye to anyone that picked Kourtney or Kylie

  6. I am afraid to say it. KKW beauty was my fav makeup for work, I’m happy it’s coming back.

  7. Girl fr though, the brightening powder and the cream lipsticks were so good. KKW was one of the very few brands that made a nude pink lipstick that didn’t look brown on my pale skin. Luckily I got a backup at Ulta for like 3 bucks before they closed down.

  8. I lovedddddddd all the powder products. I even used the eyeshadows for my wedding makeup.

  9. I believe 100% that he will have another child on her and blame it on not knowing how to properly grieve. Calling it now.

  10. Same, I can already hear the confessionals

  11. I’m so mad I wasted sympathy for her this last time. I’m sure the next time he cheats, he’ll blame on his mom passing.

  12. It’s looking like her (old) natural nose here.

  13. It’s all the photoshop she does on instagram

  14. She needs to cry privately the next time he cheats. I don’t want to hear it anymore.

  15. there is absolutely something off about her cheeks/jaws recently and it makes me very sad

  16. It’s the last nose job, it messed the rest of her features.

  17. I think she’s messed with the space between her nose and upper lip, and she’s messed with her cheeks and lips to try to compensate.

  18. Never do it on a home/renters policy. The number of claims affects your eligibility and rates for home insurance.

  19. Anna let James Charles in. That’s a bigger sin, she needs to go.

  20. Please don’t hate but isn’t it like 80% of the tequila production ? Most tequila brands distributed globally are owned by like 2 or 3 white owned/managed conglomerates

  21. Yes, plus all the other celebrities selling tequila.

  22. She has millions of dollars and still wears crop tops and skirts all the time, like girl, give us something 😩 so fucking sick of her nonexistent style

  23. That and boots with dresses. I’m bored

  24. Especially solitaires, I’m screaming internally every time.

  25. Especially the earth shattering 6 prong solitaires. The ones that are white gold. Revolutionary. And huge ovals with hidden halos.

  26. It’s amazing how bad her makeup has been over the years. The best she’s looked is with no makeup or light makeup.

  27. He’s been dead to me since you killed our baby

  28. In that fridge picture with Ice Spice from the other day, I saw 6 bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio in the bottom shelf of Kim’s fridge, those retail for like $30CAD

  29. I wish we had gifs here, to show my massive eye roll.

  30. Never mind, hate the hair. Looks good in photos.

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