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  1. These dumbasses really don't understand how capitalism works. These corporations aren't supporting social causes out of the goodness of their hearts. They're supporting them because they know it'll boost sales. Which means they have very clearly recognized there is far more to gain by supporting "woke" causes than there is to be lost.

  2. It’s not a matter of “wokeism.” It’s standard best business practice. Whether or not they believe and support the people affected by these movements is up to the company (for example, SEGA actually does support LGBTQ+ people as they have hired and implemented resources in support for them even during times when LGBTQ+ people were alienated on a massive social scale).

  3. Ik that's a joke but even if I did do that shd just say "you're overreacting stop making it a big deal" even tho I asked her how she'd feel if she was a guy and she said she'd be very depressed but REFUSES to let me live my life

  4. Trust me, if she even loves you even a little bit, she’ll regret ever saying that.

  5. I feel like these are all effects of some kind of "bad luck" debuff you'd get in a game :D Excellent options, all of these.

  6. Don’t forget, they have diarrhoea for the rest of their life.

  7. Yeah that’s disgusting! He’d be locked up and registered as a sex offender in the country I’m in!

  8. I mean, i don’t know how he’d tell if you actually came because letting out fluids doesn’t mean orgasm. My guess is that his only education is squirting porn.

  9. Except Rimaru never did, he only married the half-dragon

  10. Thank you for your kind asking. Please send me your e-mail address by message. i will send you the file.

  11. Trans girl here, but sometimes, in my ass. Kinda tricky to do though.

  12. That sounds more like he has death grip syndrome tbh. Is he one to masturbate often by hand? If so, he needs to really stop and take a break. Once he regains his sensitivity, he’ll be able to feel you better when you two get intimate.

  13. Yeah I cum pretty easily, and he’s always trying to help me cum when he can

  14. At the very least, that's good. But yeah, poor hygeine would be a turnoff for me. It's not that hard to clean your penis, using soap for sensitive skin that's unscented's all you need to keep it from smelling. and he should peel back if he's uncircumcised. (i know, a lotta TMI, but I feel like he should hear this lol)

  15. I knew it was gonna be good when I saw "Fried Chicken Tit".

  16. To think that him having cancer is actually making his hair grow, kinda impressed to say at least.

  17. The reason cancer patients lose their hair isn't cancer, but the treatment.

  18. Yeah, I was thinking they were giving him treatment for his condition.

  19. How about layer 3 and she is looking at Reg, the background being outside of one of those "cave-holes" in the 3rd. It would also explain the position of her arm, since they are crawling.

  20. Just don’t include the part where she’s ascending. That’ll make her very sick.

  21. I would love to but I have a rather sporadic schedule.

  22. There are also the people who internalize that sex is shameful so much that they can't even open up to their spouse in a church-approved marriage.

  23. I remember an article explaining the link between those people and erectile dysfunction. People always rumored it was caused by porn, but in reality, when you’re taught sex is bad outside of marriage, you either end up with that or people who marry just for sex, and end up in divorce.

  24. Honestly, i would say, you should tell them early on because it would be the honest thing to do, right before you two make things official. Last thing you want is to be in a relationship where you feel like you need to hide being who you are.

  25. If I had a nickel for every autobiographical manga about getting SRS done by Suporn in Thailand I'd have two nickels, which isnt a lot, but its weird it happened twice.

  26. To be fair, Dr. Suporn is pretty well-known for being one of the best

  27. I really wanna know how they got that toy out of the cat, and if there’s a video of them doing it.

  28. Marisa’s jeans make her look so caked up! Damn...

  29. Tbh, Bleach is pretty worth it. Otherwise you’ll be confused as hell.

  30. Personally, every time I watch him (which is admittedly a small sample size), I feel like I got clickbaited. I saw he was streaming on twitch and the title was about a specific story that sounded interesting, but those stories usually can't last more than like 10 minutes, so most of the stream was about something else entirely. Unfortunately, Twitch can't rewind until the stream is over, so I was stuck until it ended if I wanted an update. And when I watched a youtube video based on a title/thumbnail that promised to have an explanation to a story I wanted to know the details of, it was about a blatantly different person than the thumbnail pictured.

  31. I mean in comparison to Khyo, he does a much better job at actually not being clickbaity.

  32. All that means is that I would like Khyo significantly less.

  33. Well, given the fact FalesEyeD even called him out on it in the past? It was warranted.

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