1. I don't know what bro is wearing but it sure looks good on you

  2. Honestly I believe that if I was more attractive I wouldn’t be made fun of at school as much for wearing different clothes or just generally acting different than other people and being myself.

  3. If you put your ear up to it you can hear the chicken of the sea.

  4. I tried sugar pie whilst visiting Indiana once and it was actually great, not my favorite but for the name it was good

  5. The princess fucker, Corpse fucker, The Lion fucker, Kindergarten fucker,

  6. It was San Diego. Incredibly sad story too that was not shockingly completely misrepresented by the media. Brenda Spencer. Now that story is worth a deep dive

  7. Yeah I think I se the wrong story, crazy how I have just heard about it since I live in San Diego

  8. Not really unusual but I can move both me ears at different times

  9. Seen it awhile ago, wish I didn't tho, from what I remember there is a guy on the ground hands cut off nose eyes and lips cut off, you can see his theeth and jaw, no clue how he was still alive, they started trying to cut his throat with a dull ass blade, with all the blood going down his throat it seemed he couldn't breath so the people doing it got some kind of water hose to wash out the blood, am assuming so he didn't suffocate and they could continue doing what they were doing, the video is the single worst thing iv ever seen, I can't stress it enough don't watch that shit it's not worth it.

  10. I’m pretty sure that they pumped him full of a drug to keep him alive

  11. Yes, this happened to me but with my dad but we only talked about it and I guess in the dream he “wanted to do it”. Nothing actually happened except we were in a locked room together. I absolutely hated that nightmare…

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