What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. What is the reason for the client crashing for you? I haven’t been playing MTGO long (started some time after Eldraine) and can count the number of times the client has crashed on one hand. If anything, the last time the client froze up, I just restarted without issue and rejoined the game.

  2. Been buying the same brand of Hanes socks for years. They slightly change the design each year. A real freaking nuisance. Some years the fabric is thicker on the toes, others on the heels. The difference is noticeable when wearing different years.

  3. Hoban "Wash" Washburn: I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar. Unexpected and heartbreaking. Also technically a movie but I think it deserves recognition for the trauma it has caused.

  4. This hit me hard. Saw the movie in theatres. Completely unexpected and it still hurts to think about.

  5. Another one is when Samuel Jackson and Dwayne Johnson jump to their deaths at the start of The Other Guys.

  6. I've been feeling lately like no Secret Lairs are really worth buying anyone just because they're always such a random assortment of cards. Like I really want the Eldrazi Conscription, but I don't care at all about the other three cards because they're completely different in nature. So I'll just grab the singles instead.

  7. The original drops were gravy. I specifically picked up the dredge one and the 5 color commander one. (The sets with [[Life from the loam]] and [[Ur-Dragon]] respectively). Those were themed ones which made sense. Now all of the drops seem to be like grab-bags of card selection and no set really seems cohesive.

  8. Without even clicking this link, I can hear "Everybody Dance Now" in my head.

  9. Yep, the big hint there is “WITHOUT PAYING ITS MANA COSTS”. If it didn’t have that clause, that judge would be right.

  10. This is an actual ship type in the game, or is this a bug?

  11. Its a modified ship. Doubtful it can be earned legitimately. They just removed all the accessories using a save editor.

  12. Like people mentioned here, why not create a free easy-to-use reddit with a wiki? easy way to put the system addresses where to find ships, easy way to share content, very transparent, not a select group.

  13. Wait until it is fully commercialized. Average people flying around in Tesla ships, throwing empty Big Mac containers into the vacuum of space, on their way to Lunar Liquor.

  14. Idiocracy and Futurama. Wasn’t aware of this cross-over I needed.

  15. So immature, I named my first system something sophisticated. Tall glass of wank sauce. Still has my main base on it too.

  16. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

  17. Fuck Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. What an asshole to employees whom work for him.

  18. Have you taken into account the soothing baritone of his voice while describing crab fishing and selling Ford trucks?

  19. He’s a great voice-over narrator, I’ll give him that but his views on employee safety are pretty fuckin’ whack.

  20. I used to think so too, but I started doing it (and never stopped) for 4 reasons:

  21. I spend $32 per two weeks/ sometimes 3 weeks and tip the lady an extra 8, rounding it off to 40. Thats about an hour of work for me. I save about 3 hours doing laundry. Total freakin win.

  22. I'm no fan of his, but this seemed pretty cool, thought he rapped and shit

  23. Check out his Nirvana cover. Hes more than a rapper. He’s a very talented musician.

  24. I took LSD pretty consistently for about 6 months when I was 18. I had an infinite supply. I took it about twice a week, but at least every weekend, with a few weekends off for a t break over the whole 6 months.

  25. My only problem is the comedown. After a trip, it would take several hours later before I could sleep. Like take at 4pm on Thursday but could not sleep until 11pm Friday. Just felt kind of wired until exhaustion. This was with anything over a single tab.

  26. Yea fuck giving them two weeks notice. I’d be out without informing them.

  27. We broke dredge and discard effects! Next up is [[bathsalt monolith]]

  28. Breaking dredge and discard? I ‘member the [[Hogaak]] winter….

  29. That seasoning is actually really good tho, put some of that in some chili 👌🏼 that shit be smackin

  30. This is the ultimate showdown… of ultimate destiny

  31. Wait, I wonder where Chuck Norris is at in all this.

  32. I fly regularly. I’m used to getting the aisle seat or window seat. I have no issue swapping for a similar spot. I won’t ever take a middle seat, nor trade down for it.

  33. I've never had anyone ask me, or anyone I know, but I've had people take our seats, I just told them your in our seats, and showed them our seat numbers They had the audacity to get all huffy about it, and were rude. We had to tell them twice. Oh, the shitheads who think they are entitled.

  34. “Hey, I think you’re in my seat.”

  35. I’d pick up some nice LED lights and decorate a massive middle finger for this neighbor.

  36. I find it pretty fucking creepy. It normalizes being watched / spied on.

  37. Does being gay really have any relevancy to this situation? He cheated, which is definitely a scumbag move and deserves the nuclear option. This all really sounds like you subtly hate gay people.

  38. It's there, it's listed second in the profile for some dumb reddit reason. Several [[Freed from the real]], [Wear // Tear]], [[Taylor Swiftspear]] a few other pioneer cards that I forget the name of which go into lotus/combo decks, and some old cards that are just classic and low availability. A few dollars for anything visible

  39. Love the (intentional?) [[Taylor Swiftspear]] typo.

  40. Definitely agree. Steve Blum is such a humble dude too. Check out his interview thats up on the Adult Swim youtube page.

  41. The only one I disagree with is that terrible [[faithless looting|STA]]

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