[JosinaAnderson] James Bradberry: I pulled on his jersey. They called it. I was hoping they would let it ride.

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  1. I love that last picture, looks like he wants to keep it. "I found it, it's mine!!"

  2. Absolutely. He says he found the rat fair and square and it should be his. Sometime he’ll try to lay on the tube so you can’t take it.

  3. That is precious, I love the Boston Terrier spirit.

  4. Daddy may be a bit infatuated with his boys 😁 he made sure there was room for both.

  5. As a proud Boston dad I know the feeling, I am pretty infatuated with Pebbles and BamBam.

  6. Happy Birthday little guy, wishing you all the best!

  7. Both of mine love that position as well, makes it easy to perform revenge farts 🤣

  8. My bostons are incredibly intelligent.

  9. Mine too, clearly smarter than this guy!

  10. Someone posted earlier, but Gogoat is the G.O.A.T. Adamant, horn leech, leaf blade, bulk up. Covert cloak held. Keep leaf blading until you faint, then leaf blade until you can tear. Then horn leech, 2 bulk ups, the alternate leaf blade and horn leech. Ez peazy lemon squeezy!

  11. I would tell you to tell her she is cute for me, but if I just say it here she will probably hear it anyways 😂😂😂

  12. All pokemon save data is stored on the console not the cartridge. If you get a new switch you will need to set it up and then follow these instructions to transfer them over:

  13. It’s probably intentional to stop the very thing OP is suggesting. Why would this be unintentional but putting arbitrary level caps where Pokémon won’t listen to you is?

  14. I don’t think it’s intentional, they mentioned fixing it in the next patch.

  15. Looks full Boston to me. Bostons can have variable sized jowls. 100% pure bred good boi regardless!

  16. You have to look at the context for why Viridian Zealot was a rare...

  17. Can you not block than tap to sack any more?

  18. You can still block and sac, but under old rules you can first deal damage to the blocked creature and then sac it. This is the difference.

  19. Ah ok, thanks didn’t know they changed it.

  20. Even if you can’t you can bring a stantler or wyrdeer with psyshield bash and use a mirror herb to teach it to the shiny stantler

  21. Awww Grits, don't be cruel! lol

  22. You’re a poet and you didn’t know it, but your feet they show it. They’re

  23. I think most people assume that the advances in technology will be used against, not for us since many parts of the current system are being used that way. The people with all the money have insatiable greed and these advancements could very well make the general populace expendable to the oligarchs who run the country. I think that is the biggest driver.

  24. There can be only one queen after all ... :)

  25. Elementary and Baldurs gate. Would be pretty interesting!

  26. They are not, cut leaves "sweat" more than whole leaves. Whole iceburg lettuce leaves simply are not as wet as shredded ones.

  27. You can’t pull the jersey in front of the official and then grab him a second time. Doesn’t matter what they called earlier. The official was right there in the frame.

  28. It does matter what they called earlier. If they let them play that way all game, then decide to start calling it late in the game it does make a difference. A single call in isolation could be blamed on the player. The NFL's pattern of this is what makes this one so egregious.

  29. And even with all that going for them the chiefs still could have lost, the refs ensured that didn't happen. You can believe what you want, but I have seen enough this year to no longer believe the league is letting the games be decided by play. There is a ton of changes they could make to make the game ruled more fairly. Until they do the NFL is no better than the WWE.

  30. All the people bitching that the NFL is rigged will be back to watch the week 1 opener Thursday night. Its a tradition like no other.

  31. Wrestling is rigged and people still tune in. I might still watch it but its not “real” any more.

  32. It will probably stop me. Too many close games decided by the refs.

  33. 2 years and you can’t figure out the difference between 3 types of packs? Maybe this game is a little too complex for you.

  34. Or maybe he is trying to be back for 2 years rather than being back for 2 years. Wizards don't do great job with making products very transparent of what they are and who wants them.

  35. They actually do. If someone is computer literate enough to be bitching on Reddit, they can find the articles WotC puts every set clearly showing what comes in which booster.

  36. Knowing what comes in a pack is so much less complicated than knowing where and how I can use the cards. Can I use it in Modern, Standard, legacy? Are they worth the money or just another cash grab? Wizards does not do a good job explaining who these cards are for. It’s hard enough to try and learn the new formats without knowing if I can use the product where I want too. All things that make it more complicated other than simply there are 1 mythic 3 uncommons etc.

  37. Robo-Toothless, that is all …

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