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  1. Just curious. Why companies like Apple and Tesla is planning to bring everyone back to office? If WFH increased there productivity and cut their cost, why are they forcing everyone back to office?

  2. My understanding is that the point of the perks that many IT companies provide is to make it easier (read: indirectly encourage) to work long hours. I wonder if WFH has has a different kind of incentive where people are actually caring about family time.

  3. Pretty much all youtube ads these days. If it starts with "this one trick can" or anything like "doctors hate this" doctors hate it because they have to explain green tea doesn't cure typeone diabetes. Tbh its flat out dangerous false advertising but youtube doesn't care.

  4. Yep..though I am morbidly curious about jist how dangerous those supposed cures are.

  5. Really dangerous if you stop taking meds and listening to your doctor they swear is out to get you. Idk how toxic their product is.

  6. I remember this one "let this sweet mineral melt on your tongue to regrow your teeth" .. all I could think of was something along the lines of "here, suck on this bunch of fluorine rocks" or some sort of horrid tissue damaging chemical to "melt fat". I am also amused by the quantitative claims of weight loss. The day I lose 40 pounds (in whatever manner except maybe multiple amputations) is the day I die XD

  7. I'm a white guy, and have been stopped every single time when crossing the border, including one full questioning period in addition to a deep car search.

  8. White male: less likely to claim the search was inappropriate or that this was some sort of racial profiling. There may also be demographic considerations such as age, and possibly care and pattern of travel.

  9. Value per volume. Might be easy to resell to businesses.

  10. Likely either a cyst, an abscess or a tumour. An aspiration will likely give you an idea of what it is.

  11. That is interesting. Seems like an increased pressure in the hands (as for me carrying heavy stuff works) does the trick, as long as the hands remain a bit “bruised”. Do you mind sharing how old are you, sex, and a bit about your symptoms?

  12. Sure, female, 44 now but raynaud all my adult life. Mostly in the fingers, triggered by anxiety and cold..sometimes toes. I also have cts in both wrists. At 38 I started doing bjj which involves grappling, pulling, and pushing as hard as you can. About four hours a week. I noted that both conditions improved though sometimes pretty intense matches triggered an episode in the toes.

  13. Better for their health (and everyone else's since fewer cars on road), better for environment... it's a win win.

  14. Really, the money gets spent on other businesses, in the suburbs and wherever people reside. Not sure how possible it is to convert those to residential, but some areas could become housing coops or other similar residential buildings and actually render the NCR's downtown core actually self-sustaining.

  15. Pretty sure they can because it is the employer's premises. Though I suspect the vast majority would only do it if they urgently needed something and the person wasn't there.

  16. Not sure I understand how this would work concretely speaking.

  17. I live comfortably. Key was sticking with work even though I hate it. It is the cost of being comfortable and having my own place.

  18. That is such a cool cat friendly design I'd be tempted to turn it into a mini cat apartment with a way to go from one side to the other and with a cat-sized sofa and tv and such.

  19. I have an asthmatic cat so I had to make a few changes:

  20. I think our cat might have asthma so this is really helpful thanks - I’ve talked to our vet and she wants me to keep track of his episodes which seem to happen when he’s asleep, and it’s like he can’t breathe very easily for maybe a minute? It doesn’t happen super often but when it does it’s a really scary minute. He has allergies at least, and we have executive function issues so I’ve only been thinking about cleaning more, and not with what.

  21. For us the episodes look like coughing fits. It is a bit like when they have a hairball but nothing comes up and they tend to weave their heads sideways instead of up and down. There is no definitive tests but xrays showed some of the signs (mostly did it to rule out heart enlargement that can cause coughing). So we decided to try asthma meds to see what would happen. With a steroid puffer and bronchodilator we went from several long episodes multiple times a week (almost every day) to once every few weeks and much shorter. What also helped was switching to a wood pellet litter instead of clay. I also remember the vet telling me that asthma symptoms can happen with food allergies but our cat eats a variety of proteins and I tried tracking episodes with the food he ate and didn't find any correlation.

  22. Go see a vet, get revolution. It's a simple topical treatment in a spot that the cat cannot reach. Far better than sprays and collars and what have you. Untreated flea infestation is harmful to the cats.

  23. I think it's probably FIN XD .... TBS' offices are nowhere near that cool.

  24. Sounds delicious, until you remember the execution wlill be by Tim Horton's

  25. And thanks to the fact that food regulations are much looser in India, these things will be fat and sugar bombs. Many fast food chains use vastly different recipes if they can get away with it and don't have to divulge nutritional information.

  26. Having fat and sugar bombs on occasion isn’t as big of a deal if your primary diet consists of home cooked meals containing a mixture of vegetables like pav baji or dal fry.

  27. Well India isn't doing so well in the area of obesity in large urban centres. I think it's a fairly growing phenomenon in many developing countries; going from having a very real and continuous malnutrition problem to having much higher rates of obesity / diabetes. I think part of it is a mixture of cheap processed foods and lack of information about what is in the food.

  28. I actually like the edge. It goes well with the design. Not everything has to be straight and even to be pretty.

  29. Oh yes, lean the process, implement diliveroloy, any more buzzwords and I'll be done my bullshit Bingo before lunch

  30. The one thing I don't understand is that as an employee, it's 100 percent crystal clear to me that all that (deliverology, ISO, whatever other new grand idea) either isn't a good fit with government (a public service / public good is not the same as profit maximization impetus) or creates a whole lot of work for nothing. So do senior managers really believe that any of this will work? They can't be that gullible right? Or is it just a matter of being able to offload finding a solution, even if you know that it is likely not going to be a useful solution?

  31. Just today? Also at TBS and we've been told to do this since May.

  32. For those that are commuting to go into the office only to log into Teams since your colleagues live in other cities, what are the reasons given to you for why you still need to go in? To mingle outside of your team?

  33. The mythical "collaboration" that requires physical proximity to happen. Still don't know what it is.

  34. You can burn right through cheap aluminum pans too. This is several levels of dangerous.

  35. That was my thought too, the fire risk seems pretty insane.

  36. Fair point, don't have to do the dishes when your whole kitchen catches fire.

  37. I write advice for ministers on whether other ministers should be granted access to money based on whether the plans for the funds make sense and are consistent with the policy intent and their authorities.

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