1. Suicide and redemption (James) and damage inc are my fav

  2. Frayed ends… and it’s literally never talked about

  3. I came to check out the comments just to make sure someone mentioned frayed ends… I was going to if nobody else had. The entire song is insanity (pun intended); it’s a freaking masterpiece

  4. I think you’re the first one to not include anesthesia

  5. Least likely to play again? I'd guess fixxxer

  6. Both are All Nightmare Long for me. It’s been one of my all time favorites ever since I was little (when the album dropped). I personally think it’s the best because it’s extremely heavy, it’s complex, and every section of the song feels vastly different to me and James’s vocal delivery is very one point for the song. However, I will say it is one of the most disappointing songs to hear live.

  7. Have you seen it live then? And why is it disappointing? It’s one I would personally love to see live above many others.

  8. The Frayed Ends of Sanity. That bridge section is straight 🔥

  9. Wish they played it live at every show. I guess it’s really difficult though

  10. Hip hop. The way some of the verses are in Metallica songs are so rhythmic and aggressive it’s almost like he’s rapping. He’d make a great rapper I reckon

  11. I feel like anything after the black album, with a. Few exceptions, sucked. I can’t wait to see how many people I made salty.

  12. Death Magnetic easily, it’s production may not be the best but it’s songwriting completely blows HW away. I’d also say DM has no filler which half of hardwired is. Sure there are weaker tracks i maybe don’t care much for, but I never skip them when listening to the full record. Also DM reminds me a lot of AJFA which is my favorite record of theirs ever.

  13. Maybe you meant to say that DM reminds you of justice?

  14. Wherever I may roam! Not my favorite song anymore though, but I did get to see it live

  15. Isn't The Shortest Straw also practically never played?

  16. It’s not so common, but definitely more common than frayed ends. Shortest straw has been played 99 times in total, whereas frayed ends has only been played (in full) 12 times. I’d love to hear either live. Or BOTH!

  17. Is this compatible with a 2011 street triple 675?

  18. Any/all of the four 30th anniversary shows, and Helsinki Finland May 28, 2014! Just look at the setlist from the Helsinki show.

  19. Frayed ends I think. There’s a lot more going on in that song than people realize with all the weird pauses and stops and change ups a lot more so than Dyers Eve, dyers Eve has a lot packed in a short frame, but frayed ends is really weird, I thought it sounded simple till I actually learnt it on guitar, hetfields genius is on full display in that song. And god forbid memorizing that on drums, nothing sounds like it repeats

  20. dude just get koala sampler on your phone or ipad. it’s like 4 bucks w the option to pay another 4 bucks or so for the upgrade. i have multiple 404s and an mpc live 2 and i basically quit using them when i got koala.

  21. Can you connect hardware to it? Like could I use the launchpad with it for example?

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