1. This one is only 12 hours. Though I definitely have a week long print in mind.

  2. just 12? that's, wait what infill did you use? a WEEK long wtf i see clogged nozzle in your future

  3. I just use 10% rectilinear with 2 perimeters with a 0.6mm nozzle.

  4. It is! Etsy isn't up anymore, got the STLs?

  5. The mechanicus approves of the amount of tubes and pipes sticking out of this

  6. Repost since my phone autocorrected lightning to flame. Engulfing Lightning painted by Pikuo_39

  7. Oh yeah I own both of the original kickstarter belt printers - iFactory and Crealtiy, and both are shit in their own way

  8. Pretty much this. The belt printers are decent at making lots of small objects but for long ones they are very hit or miss

  9. rigidity i believe , but would be interesting to know if it would work without

  10. It's for rigidity. I believe Proper Printing did a video with him modding this CR10 S5 to move the same way with this without the extra bracing and the amount of backlash was minimal. So the box might not be needed in the end.

  11. My go to filament supplier is filaments.ca with their econofil line. A close second is the d3d sigma line from digitmakers.ca

  12. Ultimaker has quick swappable hotend and enclosed build chamber which is critical for abs printing. The biggest advantage is the stateside support you get from Ultimaker which is great for education and businesses. The Prusa on the other hand has much more modern hardware and while it doesn't have stateside support, it's European based support is as good as it gets for hobbyist/prosumer users.

  13. For very low volume printing consider HP instant ink. Currently it's $1/15 pages per month and the upfront cost is one of their $30-100 printers.

  14. When Mihoyo refuses to release Keqing's sword so you make one yourself irl.

  15. We really need a banana in one of the shots!

  16. Definitely should have had a banana I'm one of the shots

  17. This is awesome! Make it full size for cosplay or smaller to have a nice desk/shelf piece?

  18. It's for my friend's diluc cosplay and eventually my wallhanger

  19. Teksystems call you? They do that shit to me all the time, the I found your resume online! Oh can you send me your resume?

  20. One of their recruiters asked how much I was making and I naively told him the truth. His response was "no one your age should be making that much". I promptly told him to never contact me again.

  21. Why does my z offset seem inconsistent ? 350mm 2.4 and I'm constantly having to adjust the z offset when a print starts.

  22. After you quad gantry level, do you home z? The IR probe is sensitive to the heat from the bed so it may drift when doing the gantry levelling. Homing z after gantry leveling solves this

  23. Rant thread. Can we talk about how sniper drones are 45 inch pulse rifles and that's literally it? No AP, 1 damage, shit tier accuracy, the list goes on.

  24. Sorry, I must be out of the loop, what's the issue with remoras?

  25. I’m shocked that that only took 30 hours!

  26. I used an Anycubic Mono X and a Anycubic Photon Mono SE. So there was some spreading around of the pieces.

  27. Question. What do people print objects like that large gun at 45 degrees instead of flat? You have to make a bunch of support and would see the 3d print lines more obviously if an an angle no?

  28. For resin printing you want the smallest cross section against the LCD due to the peel forces when changing layers. Coupled with resin printers get the most detail at certain angles, you typically end up with 45 degrees being the optimal angle at 0.05mm layer heights

  29. Drop those support settings bro damm

  30. Standard cura supports with 0.2mm air gap and 4 support roof layers

  31. Standard cura supports with 0.2mm air gap and 4 support roof layers

  32. Sorry for the ignorance, but where do you find the info for best buy drops (specially for Ontario for myself). I've seen their blog post back on Sept 8, bit that was a out it.

  33. Highly recommend a full face mask for indoors as I've gotten unlucky twice with a bb landing in between the goggle and mouth mask during a skirmish.

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