1. I actually think that the Kardashian curse applies to the women not the men because of they are cursed with their poor taste in shitty men.

  2. Is it a balcony? I always thought this bit was ground floor

  3. Kim is not that good with words. She has it wrong, that is not a balcony.

  4. From what I recall, Kourtney was originally on board with the photo shoot and the original schedule because it landed within the working hours that she had established and communicated with Kim. And Kim agreed to that schedule as well. It wasn’t until last minute that Kim decided to reschedule the timing of the shoot due to her own meeting conflicts. And that pissed off Kourtney because the new timings landed outside what she had originally agreed to.

  5. This is such a cute ad, I'm charmed by it. Makes me miss Kourt and Khloe's old dynamic.

  6. As a long time viewer of the family, I must admit that Kim has become so incredibly beyond insufferable these days. I truly understand now why Kourtney smacked the makeup off of Kim a few years ago.

  7. Brody and Brandon were present from season 7-9 because Caitlyn wanted to rebuild her relationship with them and wanted them to be more involved with the Kardashian side. Plus to also push the PR narrative that Caitlyn actually "raised" 10 children and had this "perfect" blended family. Kris seemed to be on the fence at first but probaly went along because it gave them more storylines. But by season 9, Caitlyn and Kris were separated and divorcing, so the Jenner boys pulled back a bit. And then by season 10, Caitlyn transitioned, which created a lot of conflict with Kris and the Kardashian side, and that's when you see the Jenner boys cutting off all contact with the Kardashians.

  8. I don't think the issue is between E! vs. Hulu. It's more that the family does not want to share any content with us and rather push their products and their PR in our faces. They don't give AF about entertaining us anymore. They just want the viewership numbers to sell their ads. Even if they had stayed with E!, they would be giving us the same content as they are right now with hulu. They honestly should have ended the show.

  9. Kris was super embarrassed one of her daughters had a child out of wedlock back then

  10. The irony is that so far all of Kris's kids who became parents have at least one child or all children out of wedlock. Maybe Kendall will break the streak??

  11. Why didn’t Kendall and Kylie attend the baby shower? Or Rob.

  12. Maybe they were there but not during the filming portions. Probably inside enjoying the same party without cameras involved.

  13. Kourtney was dealing with an alcoholic and an addict while raising a young family. That could bring out the worst in anyone, even the best of people. While Kourtney had her problems, Scott at the end of the day carried the bulk of their issues in their family.

  14. Those who aren’t picking the terrible mother option have been bamboozled by Kris’s PR and public persona. Kris is great manager, but awful mother. Everything negative that we can critique about all 6 of her kids can be traced back to how Kris messed them up.

  15. Who’s the guy between Khloe and Kim?

  16. It’s Michael Kives, he’s a Hollywood agent for a bunch of celebrities. He’s also been involved in a few celebrity businesses. I only know because I follow Kate Hudson and he’s involved in her vodka business too.

  17. IIRC, there’s been a long history of overlap between Scott / Kourtney / Kimberly. Like going back to 2006 or before. Scott has hooked up with Kimberly I think during break ups with Kourtney. Not sure if he cheated on them with each other?? Anyways there’s a long history there

  18. She was literally just on a trip with her kids… she posted about it.

  19. Little miss “get your fucking ass up and work” sure loves to watch TV in her office a lot.

  20. Could you imagine what a photo would look like NOW?

  21. If it was now, it would take them 9 days just to photoshop and edit the photo 😂

  22. Lol the same season 4 where Scott got super wasted at Vegas and shoved money in a waiter’s mouth because he refused to serve more alcohol to a mess of a drunk? All in front of his pregnant girlfriend and her family while celebrating said pregnant girlfriend’s sister’s birthday and also hosting business partners, including his own boss??

  23. Yes! The clips from these episodes actually made me and my roommate want to start watching the show

  24. They were also my first episodes into KUWTK too! I remember getting caught up with the hype of Kim and Kris's 72 marriage ending and had to check out the show back then to see who the hell these people are. I've been hooked ever since haha!

  25. Yess I also was curious about Kourtney and Scott's history, especially now that she's married to Travis and I wanted to see why her and Scott broke up. I'm still a little unclear about how they met, but hopefully I'll get to those episodes soon.

  26. For full deep dive on Kourtney and Scott's relationship, you're going to have to start with the first episode. He's been there since the beginning, and their relationship has always been complicated and up / down. You'll get even far more insight on them in the spin off shows.

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