UBS makes a $1B offer for Credit Suisse

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  1. A girl who ghosted me works at Credit Suisse, so I kind of applaud their woes tbh

  2. Neither have I, but the last two times I didn't, it cost me significantly.

  3. Any "best practices" you would care to share on how you developed and continue to maintain a strong pipeline?

  4. Good work, of course, is the primary source, as much of my work comes in via referral.

  5. Don’t do it. If you’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to be concerned about hypertension, high blood pressure, and a healthy balance of micronutrients and macronutrients.

  6. Doesn't seem to happen anymore. Haven't had the problem in months now

  7. Yo dawg, I heard you like FOIA requests

  8. Only Americans think you should defend your property when your livelihood is obviously being attacked? Typical western thinking.

  9. I started my own marketing agency this January (now closed) and my first client was a photographer trying to build a personal brand and get more gigs. I charged him Rs. 50,000 for the first 3 months.

  10. Same. The districts stress me out to much.

  11. Its definitely more attributable to other shopping trends, people are definitely getting dumber and easier to fool.

  12. I regularly order this protein powder. They marked it up by $6 a few days before Black Friday, and then “discounted” it to a little bit below its actual price “for Black Friday”

  13. Their ostensibly “all or nothing” way of managing many of their products (both software and hardware). It’s like “If we can’t do it perfectly, we’ll just do it badly or not at all.” This is good in theory, but in practice it has shown to often lead to inconsistencies and bottlenecks in user experience IMO.

  14. If you work a 9-5 and you don't have kids, you have time to start a business. Even more so if you are not married.

  15. Can you recommend some got sources to study business though? Good books, podcasts and successful no b*llshit entreprenuers? Cause most of them seem like fake gurus preaching positive mindset?

  16. This has been discussed ad nauseam on this sub, so I’ll just mention my favorite books.

  17. The 13 mini has the ultimate size. It fits your hands and all pockets comfortably while still having a useful screen size and no concessions on hardware performance

  18. So does the Pro. Lol My 5’5 friend loves mini phones and calls them more “portable” though. So I think it seems to be mostly a matter of hand size and pocket size.

  19. I have gotten a lot of good stuff from AppSumo. If you don’t like it, 99% of their deals have a 60 day money back guarantee. The only I’ve seen that didn’t have a money back guarantee was a course on Google Ads optimization (which was pretty good btw).

  20. This looks like my MBA study group realizing we have to present in class in 30 minutes.

  21. Two guys with their arms folded would be the ones who did all the work. Guy in the red tie would be the person pretending to know what’s going on (me sometimes tbh).

  22. Interested. 26k followers in the neuroscience niche. Username: @thebrainpal

  23. I had this problem too. I’m not trying to plug myself for the sake of plugging, but I cover this in my TikTok (username: @thebrainpal) in two series, one on the neuroscience of attention and focus, and another on How I Manage My Life. There are all short form, so you can finish them pretty quickly.

  24. I’ve done 10 lives now with no issue. Have had upwards of 100+ people on my live. Maybe you got reported by a troll.

  25. What kind of stuff were you posting? That likely affects your prospects.

  26. well none of my videos got taken down , EVER! so the ‘violated multiple community guidelines’ is confusing

  27. TikTok bans pages just for their category / theme alone. What kind of content did you post?

  28. Yeah. Though you’re asking to grow a business in a declining industry. Starting a business from scratch is already an uphill battle. Doing what you’re talking about is basically increasing the incline.

  29. Definitely would! Got mine in January 2020. You can see me wearing it in all my TikTok videos (username: thebrainpal) :)

  30. Feel like tiktok did a review of why their creator fund pot was getting drained really fast and as result making a loss.

  31. Interesting theory. One of the creators in my niche (neuroscience) got banned at over 1 million followers. Basically ALL of their videos were rip offs from a documentary. Kind of serves them right though IMO. I was putting way more effort into my videos, but they just stole from a big budget docu that was probably years in the making.

  32. Anybody else keep finding Siri on the Apple Watch talking to you out of nowhere?

  33. One time I said “Oh my God. Are you serious?” because I was encountering something stressful while working. Siri responded “I’m serious.”

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