1. I kinda thought the same, like why even have a nudity option if you’re only showing us bare boobs like once in the whole game?

  2. Grasped the heart of the problem :)

  3. You probably want to upload a picture with the adapter separately, so we know what you have made .

  4. Can Frustration be removed currently?

  5. "Worked in the warehouse for 8 years and learned the machines".

  6. exatcly but was to young ;) thanks for answer! hope they fix it someday, such a good game but broken on new console :(

  7. I just raised this issue again on the official feedback forum and put in this post as a reference. But I don't get my hopes up, the last time they said they are aware and working on it (this was 3 month ago).

  8. I have also reported it with proof back in May, nothing happened.. so yeah, don't get your hope up..in the meantime, you can lower the force feedback.. it is better but not good that way

  9. I got mine not too long ago for ~100 USD, including the game.

  10. Hey mate*, do you have this setup? There's a good deal on the rear speakers at the moment but unsure if it works on Q600A...

  11. It does, and it doesn't even need the dongles as the newer ones. Samsung is bullshitting around this topic, but I can guarantee you it works. Just make sure you increse the volume on the rears, as by default it is quite silent. Other than this, I cannot even imagine using the q600a without this

  12. Good idea, but not so well executed. I know you can do better!

  13. I always keep 75 of them. That said, I accidentally throw away almost all of them...

  14. This week I've got 49,7 km.. and I only realized during a meeting, when it was already too late :)...

  15. Why do people use Door Dash? I really cannot imagine for what reason someone wants their food stolen?

  16. After more than 6 years, my brother-in-law started pokemon again. We trade every weekend, his favourite (as also mine) is charmander. With a heavy heart, I gave it to him. Guess what, it became a Max IV Lucky (I recieved a 93% Lucky, not great, not terrible).

  17. Just buy more space... I did what you want to do for long. Now I don't have to worry what to throw out, but the priority is the following:

  18. Hello, do you guys have any experience with the Vevor wheel stand? I am buying the Moza R9 with the CLS LC pedals. I don't want to have the wheel on my desk and pedals on the floor. The Vevor is now on sale for about 50€ so I thought I would give it a go but I don't know the company and also wanted to ask you guys if you have any experience with it combined with DD wheel.

  19. I've added an extra aluminium-profile to the right side to make it more rigid, but it still flexes when I play Dirt2.0.

  20. Yeah. I haven't showered in 300+ days. Good observation dimwit

  21. I've only realized that Violet will have a guy and Scarlet as a Lady, after I've ordered Violet...

  22. I'd see if you can switch. You've still got a little over a week before it gets there.

  23. I could always just cancel and re-order the other one, but a decision is a decision.. worst case, I will buy Scarlet, too.. :)

  24. I always opt for the red version. This time I thought I get the other one..

  25. Printed then machnied, that is the title. He printed rough, than machined the bottom.. look at the first picture, he is milling the bottom of the plastic

  26. It's all right.. I am on the fence with this. I would probably get some Ultra high density PE and machine it, or Nylon or something, out of a block, or, I would print it.

  27. Had the same problem, I had to lower the voltage for the stepper motor, it was set to 1.35V I lowered it to 1.2 or 1.1V can't remember exactly. No more heating issues and it doesn't skip either

  28. I really wanted to avoid messing with the voltages, but you are one of the many who says it will solve the problem.

  29. Oh they are very very sensitive, like I'm not even exaggerating, just a very small degree of rotation changes the values by a lot, I can't give you exact arcs but I would say like roughly around 10-15 degrees to lower the voltage by 0.2V

  30. I think they are stretching the letter it starts with by using "Alolan Muk"

  31. Yeah, but it's his/her own game. Don't care, right?

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