1. I like him, but that episode he was drunk and treating his wife like shit was very uncomfortable. Since then though he has been more fair to her on mic.

  2. I still like Bry, you are all the problem, not him.

  3. There is something about Reddit where the people most dedicated to loving a thing are also the people who hate it the most.

  4. Reddit did a purge in 2020, which drove many off the site, who's left is a wasteland of complainers.

  5. So will the cost of food, groceries, and a rise in inflation

  6. What happened to this show. Jerry isn't as lame. Rick is nice. Weird fetish plotlines being inserted. Did they get a bunch of young writers from California. Seriously. The only good episode this season was episode 1. 9 others have been an utter let down.

  7. The thing about it, is someone forcing their fetish upon the show. Gross and disgusting to people who aren't into that, which is the 99%.

  8. Play more Dungeon and dragons that was an awesome episode

  9. With an actual Dungeon Master this time. No offense to Tom, he was great, but we need an actual experienced DM.

  10. I mean there’s climate change. But that’s not an end, just an impending disaster like the black death. We are responsible for doing what we can to mitigate that disaster.

  11. < 12 years, my guess just based on how scary things are getting.

  12. Just long enough that nobody here will remember or care if you're wrong

  13. Yes, but we would have the technology to carry through with what the Book of Revelations warns us about during the end times.

  14. How much did he donate to CNBC before getting interviewed.

  15. Let’s just be glad Cedar Point is close to the lake too. Also, they’re gonna curb major LGBT rights.

  16. Am Mexican and this summer went to Texas for vacation. Can confirm the Texas Mexican food is better than Michigans.

  17. Wow I do have to say, this was the worst episode in the series.

  18. I bet the real reason for the divorce was Tom Bradys involvement in FTX, which he is currently being investigated for. Probably lost his family fortune millions off of crypto.

  19. Tired of hearing Walts out there theories every episode. I bet his involvement with FTX is a major factor in his divorce. It probably cost his family millions.

  20. As someone who appears to be fairly up to date on politics and I'm just guessing conservative, do you think this is the right choice for the GOP?

  21. Thanks for asking. Compared to who is sitting in the office now, yes! I could be a way better choice than who is currently in office, I'm very young, and informed. We also need someone who distances themselves from Trump, GOP needs a reboot, and someone who has the tools and knowledge to do it.

  22. That was awesome. I'll keep my fingers crossed for part 2 but it didn't seem like Sunday wanted more.

  23. Gonna start later it work. How funny is it? Can't wait to listen.

  24. Its exactly as funny/frustrating as I expected it to be. Tom knocked it out of the park as a first time DM. Gitems the man.

  25. I'm shocked Walt didn't join in and on purpose try and sabatoge the quests and stuff lol.

  26. I feel like I'm one of the few that loved it. Tasted like a gummy worm with a faint hint of cinnamon.

  27. It doubles in price in a week, and dips 3 cents and this is how people react.

  28. Yay a Git Em episode. I'm one of the few who loves having him on.

  29. Love Jimmy the Hair guy. He was a good pick to be a judge. Seems to know a lot about these monsters and how they'd fare in these scenarios.

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