1. If a character has charge moves or low health, no thank you

  2. The game clearly wants you to step into the grand tour

  3. I hope we get a ton of Rekka rule 34 in the near future

  4. I hope not because it'll be like 99% futa and futa is the biggest waste of talent in animated porn.

  5. Rain players are sweaty because his damage output is so bad

  6. You make your skills match your clothes? I just use whatever moves I want

  7. Gohan in the manga ripped the Cell Juniors to pieces and didn't blow them up, so they probably regenerated

  8. MK: If most of the roster consists of characters from MK1, 2, and 3

  9. Even though I like Bridget in Strive, I have to say that her arc doesn't line up with her appearance in previous games. Her motive in previous games was to go against what her parents wanted and prove to the world that she's a boy. I could just be misinformed because I know nothing about the Guilty Gear lore, and that's what someone told me. I don't know who or what to believe.

  10. Ms. Marvel's only good matchup is Deku and she loses without a doubt

  11. Sir, since you are on an American website, you are legally obligated to call them Smarties.

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