Someone at a holiday party stuck this onto the back of my jacket as I was leaving

I needed this today

*Lowers face into palm*

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Hah, yes, those two are actually the only two episodes of Smartless that I've listened to! Decent but I didn't enjoy the dynamic as much.

  2. I don’t love how they talk over each other and also just seem very superficial. I’m always left wanting more depth.

  3. Check out Baltic Born. They have some super pretty dresses and they’re almost all under $100.

  4. There's a coffee shop called The Bean Counter that has a conference room you can rent. It's pretty quiet and has good coffee.

  5. Sounds like there’s a new one called Ramen Sato. Same owners as Sumo so it’s probably pretty good. I’d still wager Bokujo is better.

  6. I’ve heard multiple people say Ramen Satto was better now.

  7. I’ve literally heard rumors of Costco coming since 2000. Don’t end your Sam’s membership just yet.

  8. As someone who has dietary restrictions, I don’t contract for a meal and pack my own food, because I can’t guarantee anything will be safe for me to eat.

  9. This is one of the weirdest comments I've ever read. You bought and returned 20 jackets? Actually? The only coat that will 'keep you warm' costs $1500? The fuck is wrong with you? Also, have you been able to survive without a $450 Canada Goose hoodie, $300 beanie, or $75 pair of 'field socks'?

  10. For real. You can get expedition gear from companies like The North Face for about half that. I have friends that are athletes for them and have made it up crazy climbs in Alaska and Patagonia just fine in their $600 jackets.

  11. Then who was the guy who chased down Albie & Co. and who Lucia said she needed money for?

  12. I found her house pretty easily and it sold for $2.5. She’s doing alright.

  13. If I remember correctly, the house was in probate and she had to go to court to bid on it and pay CASH day of. Kristen went with her. She mentioned something about not being able to get the house without their help which makes me think they fronted her the cash and made some sort of an arrangement after to pay it back. I'm sure all of this is within reason. But *I* don't have friends who could lend me 2.5M in cash money to buy a house. That was the beginning of the end for me.

  14. When senators are sworn in could they be given a middle school education of the Constitution? Seriously, it's the 1st Ammendment.

  15. MAGA don’t care about the constitution. Their ruler thinks it should be abolished.

  16. Quality healthcare? What planet is this motherfucker living on? There's like three good rheumatologists in the state and none of them are taking patients. I know other specialties are similar.

  17. And if you need any sort of pediatric specialists, you have to either go to Sioux Falls or further, or hope that someone from Sioux Falls travels out here.

  18. We don’t even hit first percentile in height or weight. We’re at 17 weeks today and she’s .76 for weight and .9 for length. I finally started putting her in some of her 0-3 month things because we’d never be able to before they’re out of season.

  19. But two of them have long term spouses. How are you telling Jared and Eric's wife (Laura?) "Sorry, real trumps only"

  20. As a wedding photographer, literally every wedding I shoot.

  21. Post on Bring Rusty Home on Facebook in case you haven’t yet.

  22. After I posted on bring rusty home, his owners contacted me and picked him up 😄 they were so happy to have him back. Thank you again!

  23. The page is amazing! I adopted a husky who is an escape artist and am really grateful for it.

  24. I live nearby. The backside of it is far cooler, along with the rest of the Black Hills.

  25. I see Sarah Lemon at RCMC. She’s a NP but fantastic. I have a lot of anxiety about doctors and don’t feel it with seeing her. Something I appreciate is if I bring something up, she asks me if I want to dive into the problem right away or if it’s something that we should monitor.

  26. I’m a photographer so have helped a few people from out of the area plan proposals. Spearfish canyon colors are past prime and weren’t quite as awesome as some years. In Spearfish, the top of 76 trail is pretty spectacular nonetheless. The old road toAnnie Creek Falls is closed off to motor vehicles so is now quite private.

  27. Damn I remember Sylvan from a visit as a kid. Will only be there on the weekend so that’s a bit of a concern. I am also a photographer so I’ll definitely be setting up a tripod. Thanks for the info! Also beautiful shots :)

  28. Oh! Another option-Little Devil’s Tower. If you were to hike early, you’d most likely to have it to yourself. The hike isn’t as long as Black Elk, but just as scenic!

  29. They don't set the prices but I've worked with many over the years and they do encourage sellers to start at the highest $$ and then drop. It's a technique that brings in more eyes on the listing. Of course it's worked out for me sometimes lol

  30. Houses have also been going way over asking. A tiny dated house on my street that the county valued at $175k sold for $450k to someone from out of state.

  31. Shooters for sure! Wings and rings wings are usually so small.

  32. Have a friend who lives in Winner. He was dating this chick for a few weeks in high school until he bumped into her at a family reunion and they found out they’re related. They broke up and he refuses to date anyone from town.

  33. As someone whose family mostly lives in Winner, I want to know which cousins of mine this probably is because I’m nosy.

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